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The end of the BUD, 1994 - 1996

Memories of the BUD Part 3,  

A sad ending of the DISH

All the free channels started to fall silent as they switched to subscription channels.  Occasionally some subscription channels will turn on their sound for a trial and than falls silent once again.


The Remaining free to air channels after Sci Fi Channel fell silent were on satellite F 1. The primary channel I watched was FOX,  TV shows I watched included Power Rangers, and VR Troopers

Other TV shows I watched with my grandfather included Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, COPS, America's Most Wanted, The Simpsons, and Code 3.

Lady Frankenstein, 1971 Film

In March 1995, I stumbled upon the movie Lady Frankenstein on an adult oriented channel.  Since I realized it was a movie I wanted to see, I popped a tape into the VCR and hit record. 

Recorded on a VHS in
March 1995
Other TV shows I saw on the BUD included NBC's Dateline, Ancient Prophecies (A stomach churner,  Thinking the world is going to end),

The Learning Channel. 

This was one of my favorite channels to watch occasionally.  I saw shows such as Ancient Journeys, Ancient World, Ancient Warriors, Trauma Life in the ER, and The Operation.   The Operation was a TV Show about surgical procedures including knees to eyes.

The Latter days of the BUD. 

In 1995 - 1996 my grandfather decided to ditch the BUD because the dish's motor broke down.  In order to keep the dish in position, I had to wedge a piece of wood into the ground. There were many free feeds that can be viewed on many of the open channels.  I could watch promos or see a tv show before it gets released.

One last channel I stumbled upon a classical / opera music channel.  This channel played a combination of music videos, opera, and animations.  Unfortunatly, I do not recall the name of this music channel.  One music video I truly remember on this channel was "Glitter to Be Gay" from Candide.

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Memories of Being a Theatre Volunteer, Page 3

More Great Memories of Being a volunteer at the Theatre

2013, A Year to be Crazy for You

2013 is the year to walk The Nine Mile Portage, See Romeo and Juliet, Go Crazy For You,and William Shakespeare and friends told Robert Munsch Stories to the children in Munsch Ado About Nothing.

My 2013 volunteer journey started at Heritage Park for the performance of Romeo And Juliet, 50's style.  This production was set in the 1950's  most of the cast had their own miniature car to drive on and off stage.  The main set piece was an antique gas pump which was featured in the 2007 production of Pump Boys and Dinettes.

Romeo (Ryan Bommarito) arrives in style!

Photo Credit to Jennifer Klementii
Moments to remember from Romeo And Juliet,  There was a scene where everyone is dancing to Let's all Go to the Hop.  Micheal Rawley also paid a visit to Barrie for the performance.  Part way through the run,  The Pump Boys Shell Gas Pump disappeared from the set and replaced by a garbage barrel.

Let's go to the Hop!

Photo Credit to Jennifer Klementii
Iv'e got the Rhythm and Music in Theatre By the Bay's Main Company production of Crazy For You.  The songs from this performance will be stuck in your head as you singing them as you walk out of the theatre.  I retained my usual duty of handing out programs and letting people know that food and drink is not permitted in the auditorium.

This performance had some great moments.  I loved the Act 1 Finale because there was so much to cheer for.  You will never forget that moment when someone pulls out a hammer and starts banging the steps.

Rhythmic interlude in Iv'e Got Rhythm
In Act 2, there was a line to memorize.  I've got Rhythem I've got Music, I've got such a head ache.  I watched this performance 13 times.

the children enjoyed 5 great Robert Munsch stories on stage in Munsch Ado About Nothing

2014, Year of the Angels

In June, 2014 the angels made an appearance before Theatre By The Bay brought the City of Angels into the Mady.

This season I volunteered and saw 4 performances including The 9 Mile Portage, Macbeth, City of Angels, and the Three Munschkateers.

Filmmaker Stine working on his film, City of Angels

Membrable lines from City of Angels

"If you are not Celabate, we could raise a Helibut"

"Greatest Performances of a husband in the Dark"

2015, The year to Like It

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More Memories of being a Theatre Volunteer

More Memories of being a Theatre Volunteer


In 2010,  the Downtown Community Theatre has closed for demolition and construction of the Mady Centre For the Performing Arts was underway.  Theatre By the Bay housed their productions of Taming of The Shrew and Aladdin and Jasmine's Summer Adventure in the Grand Theatre.

A photo op with a character from Taming of the Shrew

I continued my duties of handing out programs as audience members file into the theatre prior to the performances and sell rings at the kids show.

The Magic Carpet
Great moments of 2010 included hugging Micheal Rawley, and a photo opportunity with a character from Taming of the Shrew.


William Shakespeare Bobble Head

There was high hopes for the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts to be complete for Theatre By The Bay's 2011 season.  Robert Joy from CSI NY had the role of Prospero in The Tempest.  Due construction delays at the Mady,  Theatre By The Bay had to relocate The Tempest and Treasure Island, the Pirate Musical to the Georgian Theatre.  Treasure Island was remounted to celebrate the Theatre By the Bay's 10th anniversary.  I continued on with my duties of handing out the programs and selling the rings.

Evil Dead the Musical's Kristan Brunn returned to
play as Stephano in the Tempest
Memories of this season included meeting Robert Joy and hugging Micheal Rawley.

Hugging Micheal Rawley at The Tempest.
Whatever happened to the Peter Pan costume?  In June, 2011, I was informed that the Peter Pan costume will be given to me.  After searching the treasury, Peter Pan Costume has vanished into the Great Costume Void.

The Mady Centre for the Performing Arts was built and officially opened on September 10, 2011.


The Mady Centre was finally built and Theatre By the Bay has a new home.  The 2012 season was the only season that had a theme, Great Stories well Told.  Theater By the Bay had three performances over the course of the summer.  I saw Man of La Mancha 8 times and wanted to see it a few more times and I could not get into the theatre due to sell outs.  The same cast also performed The Mary Wives of Windsor on altarnate days.

 The Young Company performed Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang.

Hugging Micheal Rawley after watching Jacob Two Two
Memories of the 2012 season,  I got to hug Micheal Rawley several times throughout the rehearsal period and helped on the construction and the painting of a two storey set.  Great songs of this season included The Impossible Dream, Dulcinea, We're Only Thinking of Him, from Man of La Mancha.  Child Power from Jacob Two Two meets the Hooded Fang.  In one performance of Man of La Mancha,  Micheal Rawley approached me while singing We're Only Thinking of Him.  I did not know that he did that for me until after the performance.

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Memories of being a volunteer at the Theatre

Great Memories of Being a Volunteer at The Theatre


In 2007, I wanted to become involved with the local theatre after watching Evil Dead the Musical for the second time.  I got in touch with Theatre By the Bay, a professional theatre company in Barrie, Ontario.  My primary duty at the theatre was to hand out programs as people proceed into the theatre prior the the performance.  The first show I saw for free was Pump Boys and Dinettes.  On My first shift, I volunteered and watched Sleeping Beauty's Summer Adventure.  I watched both of theses performaces several times.

Memorable line from Sleeping Beauty's Summer Adventure, "Sleep Country Canada, Why buy a mattress anywhere else.  In this production, audience members were pulled from the audience to hold brief cases in a Deal or No Deal sketch.


In July 2008, I was exposed to Shakespeare for the first time,  I greeted people and watched A Midsummer's Night Dream at Heritage Park.  In August, I continued my duties of handing out programs at performances of Glorious, The World's Worst Singer and Cinderella's Summer Adventure.  I got the duty of selling the rings at kid's performances.

This is a design I made with the rings

Memorable Line from Glorious,  That's a man's Chair


Theatre By the Bay has finally had its first production inside the Barrie Downtown Community Theatre, 1 Dunlop Street West.  I was very excited because a former cast member from Evil Dead The Musical, Kristan Brunn Played the role of Malvolio in Twelfth Night. I got to spend plenty of time talking to him about my memories from Evil Dead the Musical.  I also met up with Micheal Rawley.

Music Is The Food of Life 

I fell in love with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell's Summer Adventure Because it was the first time seeing Peter Pan in the theatre.  I got the duty of selling rings and halos before and after the performances. 

A moment from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell's Summer Adventure,  The whole audience got to participate in the Chicken Dance.

After the performance closed,  I asked a friend at Theatre By the Bay about the Peter Pan costume because was a great costume to wear out.

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Hut! The Myrtle Beach, SC Story

Hut!  The Myrtle Beach Story

In 1989,  I wanted to go to Myrtle Beach for March Break,  I wanted to visit Myrtle Beach since receiving a brochure for the Ocean Park Resort.  In 1989, my relatives took me to Niagara falls for two nights.

When I returned from school after March Break, Mrs Booth brought her photo album from her trip to Myrtle Beach,  there were tones of pictures including the tunnels.  When I saw the tunnel picture for the first time, I thought it was an alternate route to Niagara Falls.

In the late fall or early winter of 1989, My grandfather asked me where would I like to go for March Break, I said, Myrtle Beach.  He said OK.  I was so happy to take the trip.  I saw many bridges including the Burlington Skyway, the Peace Bridge, and other great bridges I never crossed.  I Passed through the East River Mountain and Big Walker Mountain Tunnels.

In Myrtle Beach, my grandfather took me to a railway track that is not too far from Intercoastel Waterway Drawbridge

Intercoastal Waterway Drawbridge,,

My grandfather took a picture of me beside the Railway crossing gate.  I climbed onto an ACL locomotive while my grandfather shot the picture.


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Top 108 Songs from Energy FM, 1995

The Top 108 songs from Energy FM, 1995

Top Track for 1994 I like to move it - REEL 2 REAL
Top Track for 1993 Mr Vain - CULTURE BEAT
Top Track for 1992 Rhythm is a dancer - SNAP

  1  Fat boy - MAX-A-MILLION [1]
  2  Touch the sky - CARTOUCHE [1]
  3  In my dreams - DARKNESS [1]
  4  Fantasy - MARIAH CAREY [1]
  5  Macarena - LOS DEL MAR [1]
  6  Baby Baby - CORONA [1]
  7  Sunshine after the rain - BERRI [1]
  8  Everybody on the floor - TOKYO GHETTO PUSSY [1]
  9  Gangsta's Paradise - COOLIO [1]
 10  Stayin' alive - N-TRANCE [1]
 11  Memories - NETZWERK [1], This is a Grade 7 Favorite
 12  Be my lover - LA BOUCHE [1]
 13  Closer - LIBRA [1]
 14  Rhythm of love - DJ COMPANY [3]
 15  Dance til you cannot dance - ALTER EGO [1]
 16  You & I - JK [1]
 17  Another day - WHIGFIELD [3]
 18  The bomb! - BUCKETHEADS [4]
 19  Feel the vibe - AFRIKA BAMBAATA [1]
 20  Scatman - SCATMAN JOHN [3]
 21  This is how we do it - MONTELL JORDAN [2]
 22  Machine gun - PARTY NATION [4]
 23  Do you know? - BLACK AND WHITE [3]
 24  Creep - TLC [3]
 25  Waterfalls - TLC [2]
 26  Right type of mood - HERBIE [4]
 27  Magic Carpet Ride - MIGHTY DUB CATS [3]
 28  Tell me that you love me - CAROL MEDINA [2]
 29  You'll see - MADONNA [4]
 30  Headbone connected - DAISY DEE [3]
 31  Inside out - CULTURE BEAT [2]
 32  Think of you - WHIGFIELD [3]
 33  Angel - JAM & SPOON [3]
 34  Total Eclipse of the heart - NIKI FRENCH
 35  One sweet day - MARIAH CAREY & BOYZ II MEN
 36  Everybody wants to be somebody - RUFFNECK
 37  Eye hate u - PRINCE (the artist formerly known as)
 38  Lick it - ROULA
 39  That's the way you do it - PURPLE KINGS
 40  Every time you touch me - MOBY
 41  Don't give me your life - ALEX PARTY
 42  Can you feel it? - MATRIX
 43  Baby - BRANDY
 44  Your loving arms - BILLIE RAY MARTIN
 45  Miracles - CARTOUCHE
 46  I dream of you tonight - TABOO
 47  Try me out - CORONA
 48  Don't take it personally - MONICA
 49  Red light special - TLC
 50  Flying to the moon - EMJAY
 51  I wish - SKEE-LO
 52  Boom Boom Boom - OUTHERE BROTHERS
 53  C'mon and get your love - REAL McCOY
 54  It's a beautiful life - ACE OF BASE
 55  Take a bow - MADONNA
 56  Love is all around - DJ BOBO
 57  Thank you - BOYZ II MEN
 58  Wrap me up - ALEX PARTY
 59  Tripping on sunshine - PIZZAMAN
 60  I wanna be with u - FUN FACTORY
 61  Dear mama - 2PAC
 62  Take you time - MAX-A-MILLION
 63  Boombastic - SHAGGY
 64  Cotton Eye Joe - REDNEX
 66  Secret Fantasy - CAROL MEDINA
 67  El Triburon - PROYECTO UNO
 68  Big time (Carlito's Dream) - THAT KID
 70  Runaway - JANET JACKSON
 71  Shy guy - DIANA KING
 72  I believe - HAPPY CLAPPERS
 73  It's a rainy day - ICE MC, This song was a Grade 6 favorite
 74  He's mine - MOKENSTEF
 75  Dreamer - LIVING JOY
 76  Human Nature - MADONNA
 77  La la la hey hey hey - OUTHERE BROTHERS
 78  Generation of love - MASTERBOY
 79  Take control - BKS
 80  Higher state of Consciousness - WINK, This track freaked me out in 1995 because of the time stretch
 81  If you still love me - STEVIE B
 84  One more chance - NOTORIOUS BIG
 85  Summer is magic - PLAYAHITTY
 86  Set u free - PLANET SOUL
 87  On bended knee - BOYZ II MEN
 88  Promise me - LIL SUZY
 89  Square Dance song - BKS
 90  There is a star - PHARAO
 91  Tell me - GROOVE THEORY
 92  Exhale - WHITNEY
 93  Witkh Doktor - ARMAND VAN HELDON
 94  1-2-3 - PLAYAHITTY
 95  Water runs dry - BOYZ II MEN
 96  Sour times - PORTISHEAD
 97  Melody - BLACK ROSE
 99  Come into my life - JLM
100  Move it to the rhythm - TECHNOTRONIC
101  I show you secrets - PHARAO
102  You're not alone - MICHAEL JACKSON
103  Sexual healing - MAX-A-MILLION
104  What hope have I? - SPHINX
105  Fairground - SIMPLY RED
106  Getaway - SHAUNA DAVIS
107  Sentimental - DEBRAOH COX
108  Pick it up - HERBIE

Dance Music Memories from the Elementary School Days

The music of my elementary school days was great because this music was so memorable to hear on the radio.  There were great songs like Jump Around, by The House of Pain, or Gonna Make you Sweat (Every Dance Now).  I will tell you the songs by Grade Number.

Grade II (1990 - 1991)

In Grade II, my brother moved in with my Grandfather in March 1991.  Every night, he will sleep with the radio on and I hear very intersting music.  I searched for the station until my brother put it on for me.  The station was AM 640 The Hog.  These are the songs of that year.

Everybody Dance Now, C + C Music Factory

Finally, CeCe Peniston

Unbelievable - EMF

Grade III (1991 - 1992)

In 1991 - 1992, There was great music on AM 640 and this was the year that the station's name changed to The New Beat of Toronto.

3 AM Eternal, KLF, (1991)

I Don't Need Yo Kiss, Love and Sas (1991)

James Brown is Dead, LA Style -- (1991, 1992)

Humpin' Around, Bobby Brown (1992)

(I Wanna Give You) Devotion, Nomad Feat, MC Mikee Freedom

It's Mu Life, Dr Alban  (1992)

Living in Ecstasy, BKS, (1992)

Laid So Low, (Tears Roll Down), Tears for Fears (1992), This song was one of my favorites in the summer of 1992.  I had an obsession with Dr. Willy from Mega Man after watching Captain N on the Family Channel.

Jump Around, House of Pain (1992)

Justified And Ancient / Mu Mu Land (Stand By the Jams), KLF (Tammy Yynette) (1991)

What Time is Love, KLF (1991)

In the Summer of 1992, AM 640 the New Beat of Toronto had a Live to Air every Tuesday night in the summertime.  I heard some interesting tracks during this live-to-air brodcast from some night club called The Factory.

Get Ready for this, 2 Unlimited (1991)

Twlight Zone, 2 Unlimited (1992)

Grade IV (1992 - 1993)

In the fall of 1992, AM 640 the New Beat of Toronto had a second Live to Air known as Mix Friday's at the Mix Nightclub.  This nightclub was located at 1325 Eglington Ave.  Some of the songs listed below were played at this club.

I'm in Love with You, BKS, (1992)

I will Always Love You, Whitney Houston (1992)

Mr Vain, Culture Beat (1993)

No Limits, 2 Unlimited, 1993

Plastic Dreams, Jaydee (1993)

Rhythem is  a Dancer, Snap (1992)

Sesame's Treat, Smart E 's (1992)

Take me in your Arms, Lil Suzy (1992)

Talking About Love, BKS (1992)

In the Spring of 1993, Jessie and Jean took the airwaves of AM 640 between 5:30 - 9:00 AM every Monday - Friday.  This was the first talk show that aired on AM 640. There was also a late-night talk show that took the airwaves too.

Grade V (1993 - 1994)

In the fall of 1993, another late-night talk show took the 11:00 - 1:00 AM time slot known as Telepersonal Radio.  In the winter of 1994, another talk show took the airwaves known as Toronto Talks took the 9:00 AM - 12:00 timeslot and Touch Tone took the 1:00 - 3:00 timeslot.  These talk shows took away the music during the day.  These talk shows played during the daytime while the young listeners are at school.

Getaway, Maxx (1994)

Got to Get it, Culture Beat (1993)

Mortal Kombat Radio Ad (1993), Aired on AM 640 the New Beat of Toronto in September 1993

I recorded this radio ad because it has a great dance track. Mortal Monday is September 13, 1993

The Rhythm of Love, DJ Company (1994)

The Real Thing, 2 Unlimited (1994)

Runnin Up That Hill, Elastic Band (1994)

Right in the Night, Jam & Spoon

Grade VI (1994 - 1995)

In Grade VI, AM 640 the New Beat of Toronto decided to produce more boring talk show in the place of during the morning hours before school.  In December of 1994, I found a better radio station on the FM Dial known as Energy 108 FM.  At the same time there was another station that played the same music called Hot 103.5 FM

All I Need Is The Night, Jefferson Project (1995)

Born Slippy, The Undererworld, (1995),  Aired on Electric Circus in 1996.

Close to You, Fun Factory (1994)

Feel The Vibe, Afrika Bambaataa (1995)

Fluxland, XL (1994), In 2000, KernKraft created Zombie Nation.  Sometimes the DJs may mix Fluxland XL and Zombie Nation back to back.

Happy People, Sotto Voice (1994),  I heard this song on Energy 108 FM during the Christmas Holidays.

Higher State Of Consciousness, Josh Wink, (1995)  This song featured a Time Stretch that freaked me out while I'm listening to this song in bed.

Hold On, Loft (1994)

I like to Move It, Reel 2 Reel (1994)

In My Dreams, Darkness (1995)

I'm Hot For You, Little Louie Vega, (1995)

It's a Rainy Day, Ice MC (1994)

La Cuccamarcha, TNN (The New Nation) (1993).  I heard this song for the first time during the summer of 1995 during a live-to-Air on Energy 108 or Hot 103.5 FM.

Let The Beat Go On, Dr. Alban (1994)

Love is Paradise, First Base

Machine Gun, Party Nation (1994)

Ou Eee Ou, DFS (1995)

Mystify - Raise your Hands, Positronic Brain (1994)

Memories, Netzwork (1995)

Pick It Up, Herbie (1994)

Rhythem of the Night, Conona (1994)

Right Type of Mood, Herbie, 1995

Run AwayReal Mc Coy (1994),  I heard this song on Energy 108 after I watched Bram Stoker's Count Dracula starring Christopher Lee.

The Square Dance, BKS (1995)

The Summer Is MagicPlayhitty/Corona (1994).  Energy 108 and Hot 103.5 played this song very often between 1994 - 1995.

Think About the Way, Ice MC (1993)  When I heard this song for the first time, Energy 108 FM played the noche de luna mix.  I thought this was the original version to my ears. I heard the Radio version of Think About the Way later on 103.5 in 1995.  I thought the radio verison was a remix.

Tonight it's Party Time, Outta Control AKA Killer Bunnies Dance Project, (1994)

Tonight is the Night, Le Click (1993) I heard it for the first time in 1994 after getting Bram Stoker's Dracula as a Belated Christmas gift.

Unknown Jungle Track, This jungle track has lots of vocal time stretching and contains the word Misplace. This was the first time I heard that freaky sound on the radio.

You Got Me, (Club Mix), Jefferson Project, 1995

Special shows in Energy FM and Hot 103.5 included the Dr Trance Show, The Street Mix and a Friday night Live to Air at Amnesia Night Club

Grade VII (1995 - 1996)

Astroplane, BKS (1996)

In your Arms, Emjay (1995)

Flying to the Moon, Emjay (1995)

I Dream of you Tonight, Taboo, (1995)

I will be adding more songs to this time line as soon as I remember the titles.  Keep your ears to the Tracks

Grade VII has been omitted becaue I jumped to Grade IX in 1996.  Let's click here and read about the music of High School

TheTop 108 songs from Energy FM from 1994

The Top 108 Songs from Energy FM, 1995