Sunday, December 3, 2017

The end of the BUD, 1994 - 1996

Memories of the BUD Part 3,  

A sad ending of the DISH

All the free channels started to fall silent as they switched to subscription channels.  Occasionally some subscription channels will turn on their sound for a trial and than falls silent once again.


The Remaining free to air channels after Sci Fi Channel fell silent were on satellite F 1. The primary channel I watched was FOX,  TV shows I watched included Power Rangers, and VR Troopers

Other TV shows I watched with my grandfather included Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, COPS, America's Most Wanted, The Simpsons, and Code 3.

Lady Frankenstein, 1971 Film

In March 1995, I stumbled upon the movie Lady Frankenstein on an adult oriented channel.  Since I realized it was a movie I wanted to see, I popped a tape into the VCR and hit record. 

Recorded on a VHS in
March 1995
Other TV shows I saw on the BUD included NBC's Dateline, Ancient Prophecies (A stomach churner,  Thinking the world is going to end),

The Learning Channel. 

This was one of my favorite channels to watch occasionally.  I saw shows such as Ancient Journeys, Ancient World, Ancient Warriors, Trauma Life in the ER, and The Operation.   The Operation was a TV Show about surgical procedures including knees to eyes.

The Latter days of the BUD. 

In 1995 - 1996 my grandfather decided to ditch the BUD because the dish's motor broke down.  In order to keep the dish in position, I had to wedge a piece of wood into the ground. There were many free feeds that can be viewed on many of the open channels.  I could watch promos or see a tv show before it gets released.

One last channel I stumbled upon a classical / opera music channel.  This channel played a combination of music videos, opera, and animations.  Unfortunatly, I do not recall the name of this music channel.  One music video I truly remember on this channel was "Glitter to Be Gay" from Candide.