Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome Back, Evil Dead the Musical

Since the House of the Dead that built has been Tron down, Evil Dead the Musical has a new Home, The Randolpth Theatre, 736 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontraio.

Fully covered in Deadite Blood, September 4, 2007

A Brief History of The Diesel Playhouse

Evil Dead opened at the Diesel Playhouse in May 2007 and ran until September, 2007. .  In September, 2007 another musical, Jewtopia opened in September, 2007 and ran until November, 2007.  I watched Evil Dead the Musical 12 times at the Diesel Playhouse

On February 14th, 2008, Evil Dead the Musical Re-opened and ran until September 5th, 2008.  In December, 2008 the Diesel Playhouse offically turned out the lights to the Straight No Chasers.

In the Spring of 2009, The Diesel Playhouse was locked forever.  The front doors were chained shut.

In the Summer of 2013, the Diesel Playhouse was demolished to make way for the 41 Storey Bisha Hotel and Residence.  

Tickets on sale for Evil Dead The Musical

Hello Evil Dead Fans, Evil Dead the Musical will be performing at the Randolpth Theatre, 736 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario  between October 24th and December 31, 2013.

Watch the short video and learn about the full details about Evil Dead.

Evil Dead The Musical by Philip on GoAnimate

Evil Dead Ticket Information

Tickets range from 19.99 - 69.95 + The HST and Service Fees.

Tickets can be purchased online at Ticket or By phone by calling Ticket Master at 1855-985-5000

In Person oe same day tickets at the Randolpth Theatre box Office, 736 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario

For the Bloody Details, you can log onto

Enjoy The Show!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Mady Centre

Happy Birthday Dear Mady Centre

The Mady Centre Turned 2 on September 10, 2013

Poly Baker and Bobby Child would like to pass on a birthday greeting for the Mady Centre, Enjoy!

In Celebration of the Mady Centre's Second Birthday.  Please check out the the Barrie International Comedy Festival

September 19 - 21, 2013

Talk is Free Theatre presents:
The Barrie Annual Comedy Festival

Details for the Barrie Comedy Festival can be found at

Enjoy the Celebrations!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Theatre By the bay, 2013 Now comes to a close

Happy Closing of Theatre By The Bay 2013.

The largest fire happened on August, 31, 2013 in Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Theatre By the Bay had a great 2013 Season.  After a sold out closing show of Crazy For You at the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts, I would be very happy that everyone had the most fun in the theatre ever.  On the day of the Burn, William Shakespeare, Kemp, and Burbage had their final Robert Munsch Reading.   At high noon, the sets were dismantled and returned to storage for safe keeping.  by 4 PM the Mady Centre was totally cleaned out for the next show.  At midnight, the man in Black Rock, Neveda burned to mark the close of another great season of Theatre By The Bay.