Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zombies are Cute, 2011

October, 22, 2011

The End of the World according to Harold Camping's prophetic date has came and gone.  Now let's look at some Beautiful zombies from the Toronto Zombie Walk of 2011.

This cute zombie has a zip-down chest.  She can close her chest up if she does not want to expose the beauty within.

A bunch of zombies gather in Trinity Bellwoods Park for the Wedding of Thea Munster and Adam Invader in the style of a Funeral Service.

The Pallbearers carry the casket of Thea Munster through the crowd of zombies before the funeral service begins.

Thea Munster Emerges from the casket.  A good sign that she came back to life.  Fortunatly there was no burial service following this funeral service.

Following the Funeral, Thea Munster tossed the Severed Head into the Crowd and the Zombie Walk of 2011 was underway.  Look, there's a walking hamberger.

This beauty is enjoying a piece of human brain.

A close-up of a piece of human brain

A Butcher Zombie at Queen and Niagara Street.

This zombie is sweet.

If you think zombies are Beautiful, Check out Quarantine Haunted House within the Power House of Terror.

Keep your ears to the tracks for more beautiful zombies of the Zombie Walk of 2011

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Power House of Terror, 2011

October, 21, 2011.

I returned to Toronto's Terrifying Haunted House for my first round of scares as a zombie.  The Power House of  Terror has three attractions you can visit for only 20 Smackers at the door.  The three attractions are

1. Insidious

All your Fears will be discovered within the darkness of Insidious.

 2 Quarentine

An outbreak of the Z1 virus has occurred in Toronto.  The people who are infected are housed in a special prison and they are offering public tours.  Within the walls, do not touch anybody in case you may get infected by the virus yourself.

3. CarnEvil Manor

The CarnEvil Manor is a residence for the carnies of a local carnival.  Enter their home, you will be in for a surprise.

October 23, 2011

I got to the haunt extra early to take some photos before I had to get into position for a second round of scares in the Quarantine attraction.  At dusk I got into position and had the scare to myself for the first time.  It was challenging to do and I was very successful at scaring the living daylights out of people as they past through.  I will be back at the haunt on Thursday, October, 27, 2011.

Pictures taken around the Haunt in the Daylight 

It's much safer to explore the haunt in the daylight.  Once the sun sets, the monsters take havoc on the guests who visit.  Enter if you Dare!

Passing through a cornfield on the way out of Insidious and Carn Evil Manor. Watch out, lumber jacks are cutting trees down for their camp fire.

Within the walls of Quarantine Prison.  Their cafeteria has great food for the inmates and guests who dare to visit.

Two Red Faced Carnies who reside outside enjoying some time in the Carn Evil Manor yard

That spider is waiting for its prey.  Do not get too close, it could bite you.  Its venom is very toxic,  I warned you.

A bunch of crates sit piled darken woods.  There are no treasures, gold, or jewels hidden within these crates.

The Statue stands guard on the entryway to Insidious.  Be careful.

For your Screaming Pleasure, Log on to charity haunt.ca and complete your advance ticket transaction by clicking on the Buy Tickets on the front page.

What is the best way to experience any haunted house/attraction?

Go through the haunted house at at time when the line up is minimal.  Arrive early, to get to the front of the line.  If you do arrive late, hopefully the Queue Master will hold the line for the people ahead of you to move deeper into the dungeon before your journey begins.  If the Queue Master lets too many people into the attraction at once, the scare can be ruined for the people in the back of the group.  Best to wait a few minutes before proceeding in. Fortunately, the ticket sales for Power House of Terror are capped at 2,000 and you may not have to worry about too many people going through at once.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks for more beautiful pictures from the Power House of Terror

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Doese Bourse Mean?

Monday, October 17th, 2011

I was doing some laundary at the Dryertheatre (Laundromat), I saw a poster for a Stamp Collection / Show in the city of Barrie.  There was a word that caught my eye on the poster.

The Title of the poster read,

"50th Annual Barrie Stamp Show & Bourse"

What Did Bourse Mean to me?

When I saw the word Bourse, I thought they mis-typed the word Course.  In my Eyes the poster  should have read, "50th Annual Barrie Stamp Show & Course."   I thought that the Annual Barrie Stamp show was offering a course on stamp collecting and exchange for beginners.

What doese Bourse mean?

Bourse may be refered to an exchange (Organized market), or a stamp show without exhibits (dealers only),


Bourse-Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bourse, October 18, 2011

Keep your Ears to the Tracks for more weird words that I may come across.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Harvest Festival, 2011, The Burning Man Party

Sunday, September 18, 2011

At High Noon, David shut down the Psytrance Tent.  The Dj fussed about why David shut their party down.  Dave replied "I gave you tow extra hours this year."  The Psytrance Tent always shuts down at High Noon every year except for 2008.  In 2008 the Psytrance tent got to play until 2:00 PM because Shakedown Lighting and Sound got their van stuck on a ridge.

DJ Onslaude played for the final four hours in the Pyramid.  The afternoon was full of great music, dancing and beer bottle collecting for the Volunteer / Crew Dinner at the Swiss Country house.

Yellow Magic is a great record to dance to because the music sounded like an old school video game from the Commodore 64

The Plya was hopping on the Sunday afternoon Pyramid.  It's almost like being at Burning Man.  I never been to Burning Man myself.  I am hoping to go for 2012.

At one occasion, people were climbing up the Pyramid.  The shadows were moving to the music as they scaled the structure.

During the afternoon, a small dust storm blew across the plya.  Fortunatly there was no need to duck for cover like In Black Rock City

For the entire afternoon, the front flap of the pyramid was raised to let the cool air circulate after a long cold night.

The Pioneer Mixer is covered in plya dust by the end of the party.

After the party wrapped up, it's time to pack up and head home for the Halloween Season at the Power House Of Terror or Screemers

Passing through Burks Falls after the Festival

Crossing the highway back to the Power House of Terror where the Z1 Virus has broke.

Lock down your doors, close your windows and head to the Power House of Terror for 13 days of Terror in 3 new attractions.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks for the Halloween Blog Entries on the Power House.

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The Old Pyramid

The Harvest Festival of 2011, Friday and Saturday

The Harvest Festival of 2011, Saturday Evening

The Harvest Festival of 2011, Sunday Morning Church

The Harvest Festival of 2011, Sunday Afternoon on the Plya

Harvest Festival, Sunday Morning church

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Every Sunday morning, the Psytrance Tent is the place to dance all morning.  At OM, Sunday Morning Church is an all day event everyone loves.  At Harvest, it's only a half-day event.

The dense fog rises from the River Styx as the sun rises over the horizon.

The Harvest Laser glows through the fog over the River Styx

The Psy Trance Tent is hopping as the sun rises for a nice clear sunny day.

A dancing Tree was seen on the dance floor during Sunday Morning Church.

David telling the DJ to shut down Sunday Morning Church at High Noon. 

The DJ is now playing the last song of Sunday Morning Church.  David has unplugged one of the CD players (CDJs) from the mixer. 

David putting the CD players after Sundy Morning Church was shut down.  Dave told everyone that the party will continue on in the Pyramid.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks for the Sunday Afternoon Pyramid party, Burning Man Style.

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The Old Pyramid

The Harvest Festival of 2011, Friday and Saturday

The Harvest Festival of 2011, Saturday Evening

The Harvest Festival of 2011, Sunday Afternoon on the Plya

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Harvest Festival, 2011

Septmber 17, 2011

The Goodtimes Gang had a bunch of DJS play in the Pyramid until sunset.

The dancefloor was full for the entire afternoon.

The Set list for the Pyramid.  The Pyramid played great music All Saturday afternoon and evening.

People love the barge.  This is the third year that the barge was in use.  It gives people a quick passage between the Techno Tent to the Pyramid.

Don't forget to get your free windshield repair when you arrive or leave the festival.  Mr Ronnisize will do the honours repairing your stonechips.

The House of Eclipse Festival Flyers on the Barter Bar.

The Brazillian Drum Band Marches through the Harvest Festival as the sun sets.

Following the circus, the Harvest Squash Soup is served off the back of the Bouncy Truck.

At 10:00 PM the music tents opened.  The Techno Tent was packed and it was almost impossible to get in.  The Pyramid played some great tracks with DJ Martin Fazakas.

Slava was a GO GO dancer on a large boulder in the centre of the pyramid.

Rob created this piece of blacklight String Art in the forest behind the Techno Tent

A heavy fog blankets the Harvest Festival site.  A flame spits out of the roof of the pyramid.

Justin Martins throws the match and lights the Harvset Bonfire.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks for Sunday Morning Church at The Harvest Festival and more great photos.

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The Harvest Festival of 2011, Friday and Saturday

The Harvest Festival, Sunday Morning Church

The Harvest Festival, Sunday Afternoon on the Plya