Wednesday, May 26, 2010


What is a Cinemax?

A Cinemax is a party featuring a DJ and three movies playing at the same time on three screens.

What do you need?

3 Video Projectors

3 Large white fabrics

Sound System My favourite sound system is Justin Martin's Alien Influx Sound System

8 Channel Mixer

two turntables

two CD Js

Three DVD Js


The Set up of the room can be any manner.  The Film projectors must be accessible to the DJ.  The DJ will be in control of the Visuals on all three screens. 

Throwing down the Cinemax

The DJ has to be able to mix the music tracks with the soundtrack of all three movies.  The DJ can cross fade, rewind, scratch, or any other DJ effect to the music or movie soundtrack.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Other City Noise Videos and Audio Tracks

These Videos were created by other artists/youtube users.  I hope you will enjoy these songs they present

The TTC Door Chime and Subway noises,  This video was uploaded by ttctae.  To view the video, click here

Other songs by other artists will be posted here as soon as I can

The Sounds of the City

I finally downloaded the audio from some of my youtube videos.  I have downloaded some tracks that have been uploaded by other users.

City Noise, The Sounds of Downtown Barrie on a summer dayTo enjoy the video click here.  This video was created by youtube user lockphilip

Freight Train noise. Uploaded by youtube user lockphilip.To View Freight Train Noise, Click here

Public Transit Noise, uploaded by youtube usere lockphilip To view the video click here

Theatre Noise, Inside the Barrie Downtown Theatre, 2009To view the video click here.  Uploaded by youtube user lockphilip

Theatre Noise, Inside the Diesel Playhouse, 2008.  Uploaded by youtube user lockphilip.  To view the video, click here

Toronto Noise, uploaded by lockphilip. To watch the video, click here

I hope you will enjoy the songs and the videos. My Youtube channel is

I will add more as I creat them.  Keep your Ears to the Tracks

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big Church Part II

What Happens at Altar Call

If you have been to an alter call at the Big Church, you will know.  During the Altar Call ceremony, audience members are invited to the front of the auditorium to accept Jesus as their Personal Savior.  The ceremony begins with everyone reciting the Sinner's Prayer. Upon conclusion of reciting the Sinner's Prayer, an usher will lead you off to another room for initial Brainwashing.  During this first Brainwashing Session, you will meet up with other people who have accepted Jesus.  You are given a pen, paper, Bible and a Mr Big Chocolate Bar.  This was the second Mr Big Bar that I received from the Big Church. During this small meeting, you will be read a few bible verses and asked why you decided to accept Jesus.  You will also be suggested to attend a Cell Group.

What is a Cell 

A Cell is a small group of 12 people according to the G 12 Vision.  G 12 stands for Government of 12 people.  In the cell Group you will discuss your personal life, the Bible.  If you need serious prayer or Ministry from the Lord, you may be suggested to go on the Encounter Weekend for Brainwashing.

Events at the big Church

If you are attending Big Church Functions, please be cautious.  Do not give your personal information when you attend.  Best off, Do not attend, you will get Brainwashed.

The Cause

Taken at The Cause, April 2009
The Cause is almost like a Sunday Service with a few twists.  This event features games, food, live band, skits, video presentations, and a lecture by the Speaker of the house.  Sometimes before the band hits the stage, the dance team will perform a dance number.  The band will play a couple of upbeat songs to get the audience hyped up for the event.  There may a few games like Blindfold Musical Chairs or any other silly games the leaders decided. Following the games, there may be a video presentation and other skits before the lecture.  Following the Lecture, there will be an altar call, the first opportunity for Brainwashing.  Following the formal events of the evening, there may be food and beverages set up on the side of the auditorium for everyone to enjoy.

The Encounter Weekend: The Danger of Big Church

What is the Encounter? An Encounter is a retreat course in Freedom (IE, Bitterness, bondage, etc). People will be set free through the Power of the Cross, (Big Church-encounter).

What happens at the Encounter Retreat

Once you put out your $120 - 150 Smackers, you will attend four Pre-Encounter workshops with the leaders.  These workshops will ensure you and other participants are prepared for Brainwashing.

On the Encounter Weekend, you will be at a retreat facility for three days away from distractions.  If you are Gay, or if you have non christian friends, you will be brainwashed.  The church or Encounter Leaders will tell you to change your ways and it may not be the best for you.

Other Events

Ignite Barrie: A multi-church event held at the Bethel Country Club (Bethel Community Church) on the third Friday of every month.  Attend this event with caution because of Brainwashing

City Hall Prayer:  This prayer meeting is held on the second Wednesday of the month at Barrie City Hall. Big Church members gather once a month to pray where decisions are made for the City of Barrie.

Cell Groups:  Cell Groups are held weekly in private homes or at the church on a weekly basis.  Church members are brainwashed in cell groups.

One Church, One Voice:  A Canada Day Multi-Church worship concert at Memorial Square/Meridian Place during the Promenade Days festivities in Downtown Barrie.  Brainwashing is very little. The concerts seem to get slow because the pastors want to talk over the hour. I was smart not to fall into the brainwashing trap.

Former Events

Rev: This is a bible study for teenagers and a brainwashing opportunity

Full Throttle, Men's Breakfast:  This is a Big Church get-together for men that is held at a near by restaurant.  You will have to bring your own money and order your own food.

Comedy Nights, Movie Nights:  These events are fundraisers for the church to collect money.  Each event usually costs $5 - 10 Smackers.

The Cause:  This event is now transformed to Ignite Barrie.


Big Church- G12 Barrie,, May 16, 2010

Read More

Big Church

Big Church and the G 12 Vision

Big Church

What is The Big Church?

Big Church is an evagalical / penticostal style church in the southwest end of Barrie.  B.I.G. stands for Believing In God.  The Big Church attracts people in the age range between 13 - 30.

Big Church's Motto 2005 - 2009

Big Church  
Big Heart
        Big Dreams
                   Big Expetiations
             Big God

Big Church's Motto 2010 and Onwards

Big Church
   Experiencing Jesus
       Growing Together
           Saving Others

Where is Big Church

Past Venues

The Big Church was located in a warehouse in an industrial zone in the west end of Barrie, Ontario.  It's very close to the highway for people to get to by car. 

In early 2011,  The Big Church has moved to the Barrie Free Methodist Church.

In 2012, The Big Church has made a move to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the south end of Barrie.

Current Venue as of 2015

The Big Church is presently housed in the Oasis of Hope.  You can get to the Big Church with their Ride program or the Big Church Shuttle.  Read here on how to get to Big Church

What Happens inside Big Church

First Time Visitors

On your first visit to Big church, the pastor or leader of the house will award you with a Mr Big Choclate Bar and you are welcome to eat it during the service.

The Big Church no longer gives out the coveted Mr Big bar because of peanut allergies.  I was glad to get my Mr Big Bar from the Mr Big  Church in 2006.

The Worship (Warm - Up)

At the top of the service, the worship leader will hype the audience up as the band gets ready to play the first upbeat song of the night.  The band will play cover songs from Hillsong United or Jesus Culture.  Peoplea are free to get up and dance, clap, and sing along with the band.  

Following the first or second song there is an opportunity for announcements about church life and upcoming events.  When the announcements are wrapped up, the band will take the stage and play a few more Worship songs from their selected song list.  The band starts to slow things down.

The Offering

After a few slow songs have been played, the worship leader will take a moment to take up the offering. Before the offering is taken up, the worship leader may read off some scripture and tell the audience why it's very important to tithe every week. 

Audience members take their tithing envlope and place into a gold baskets located at the end of the centre aisle by the stage.  The most dedicated church members may put $20.00 or more in a tithing envlope.

Following the offering, the band will play one or two more songs and than the Speaker of the House will take the stage.

The Lecture

The pastor or the Speaker of the house will take the podium starting out with a scripture reading and than delivers the Message.  The message depending on what the Speaker of the House has to say, the lecture can get pretty lengthy and boring.

This speaker has a unique pattern to stare at when you get bored during the pastor's lecture. 

Healing and Altar Call


Following the Lecture, sometimes there may be an hour of Healing or an Altar Call.  During a Healing Service, the pastor or leaders will invite people to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.  The pastor or leaders will use laying on hands and sometimes people may become slain in the the spirit.  Sometimes the leaders may start to speak in tongues.  Sometimes there may be sudden laughter or crying during the service.

Altar Call

Sometimes there may be an altar call for people who want to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. people are invited to the front to resite the Sinner's Prayer.

Wrap Up

The House band will play the final upbeat song for everyone to get up and dance before the church is dismissed.  If the Healing Service takes too long, audience members are welcome to leave if time is tight. Occasionally the band may not play the final song if the Healing Service takes longer than expected.

If you have been to Big Church a few times before, sometimes the band may repeat songs every week.

Following the Service, people will go to a nearby Wendy's or fast food Restaurant for fellowship

Read Up on Big Church Events

The Big Chrurch and the G 12 Vision

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Memories of Frantic Fridays

What was Frantic Fridays?

Frantic Fridays was a classic weekly party series in the Boileroom.  The Djs that spun there included Unknown, Capital Vinyl (Flatline), Tega Tech, Vertigo, Lady Bass, Max Sholtz - Club 246, Raygun, and many more to be listed.

When did Raygun throw this party series?

The series started in early, 2001 and ran until 2002.

In the summer of 2003, the boileroom has underwent a renovation.  Raygun and the Ebomsquad moved their events to 905ive in Hamilton for awhile.  Later in 2004, The Ebombsquad held a weekly series at Film Lounge. 

The Ebombs DJ Competition -- March 2002

This was the main in-house event that Raygun hosted.  There were a ton of DJs that spun.  The DJ competition took place over a six week period in March 2002

December, 2002

The Ebombsquad joined with club246 and Frantic Fridays was played live on the Internet

on December 20, 2002, Juno Award Winner DJ Hatiris played the Boileroom

Other Events Presented by The Ebombsquad

Showcase, May 11, 2002

This was thrown in a banquet hall on Innis lake Road in Caladon, ON.  There was a large number of DJs including Vertigo, marty Mcfly, and more.

Off Duty Afterhours - May - June, 2002

Raygun decided to throw an afterhours at the Off Duty Pub in the southend of Barrie.  The first Saturday night was dead until the bars closed and people went there to party until sunrise.  The event was pulled in early June because there was no interest.

Freedom Fest, August, 2002

Freedom Fest was a three day camping festival featuring live bands through the day and into the evening.  After Midnight, the DJs will spin until the wee hours of the morning.  The Ebombsquad had spun their music on Sunday Morning before the bands took the stage for the last day.

October - November, 2002

Raygun and Lisa has booked the Ferndale Banquet Hall for a wedding party.  The usual DJs spun through the night including Vertigo and Kid Lax closed the night.

March 2003

The Ebombs Squad Tag Teamed with the DV8 Radio Network with two after hours events at the Den Nightclub.  These events were held over Friday and Saturday nights

Frantic After Effects -- A short lived after hours event at the Den.

After Burner (D n B After Hours) -- DV8 Radio network held this after hours event and they invited the Ebombsquad to play alongside with the Drum and Bass DJS.

A Historic DJ Line-up

The Frantic Friday Season 2 late summer flyer, Sept, 2002

The Ebombsquad

Vertigo (UK Hard House)
Bromics (UK Hard House)
D-Unknown (House)
Capital Vinyl AKA Flatline (D n B)
Kid Lax (Trance)
NY Ghost
Eon Rae
Drum Major
Eric Louis
Max Scholz (House)
DJ Sauce
JC (House)
Guests from Toronto and Abroad

Hatiris (Juno Award Winner) -- Played the Boileroom on December 20, 2002
Jelo (Hard House, Techno, Breaks) -- Jelo was appointed as a monthly resident DJ in 2003
Ken Finch
Miss Innocent, Played the Boileroom on March 14, 2003
Lady Bass
Soda Pop
Rob G
Chris Vench (House)
T.R.O (Chicago House)
Nokturnal (Breaks)
Mike Gleeson
Orange Richie
Supporters of Ebombs
Psycho Lights
and more

What Happened to the Boileroom

The club still exists under a new name.  The Boileroom is a side room of the Roxx.  The club is either accessed up the side alley way or through the front doors of the Roxx.

Town Billiards ?
Outer Limits ? - 1990's
Roxx West, 1990's - 2001
Boileroom, 2001 - 2004
Roxx West 2004 - 2008, Egyptian Theme
Foxx Lounge, 2008 ---- 2015
2015 -- Present The Roxy Side Room,

Let's Read and learn more about this memorable friday night series at the Boileroom