Monday, January 31, 2011

Special Olympics Ontario Trip to Thunder Bay, Return Trip

Sunday January 23, 2011

Disney's Magical Express arrives at the Airport.  It was time to check our kit onto the plane and go upstairs until Boarding Call.

These items do not belong in a carry-on Bag.  This includes liquids, ammo, knives, toy guns, hand tools, and Handcuffs.

More Items that do not belong in your carry-on bag include gas canisters, sharp objects, fire crackers, and nail files.  Remember to Fly Smart and Fly Secure when you board airplanes

This West Jet is stopping in Thunder Bay to pick up some Special Olympics Athletes.

Fort Williams People dressed up attended our departure.  They said goodbye before passing through the Security Gate.

All Aboard!
The wings of the plane are de iced because there was a big snow storm.

Pulling out of Thunder Bay Terminal aboard Air Canada Route 2004, bound for Toronto.  Arrival at 5:30 PM

Flying Over Owen Sound.

The Beaver River.  Kimbercote Farm is not too far away.

The Beaver Valley.  Flying By Beaver Valley and Tallisman Ski Hills.

South of Markdale is Lake Eugina.

A beautiful sunset aboard Air Canada Route 2004
Approaching the big city. 

Landing at Lester B Pearson International Airport.

Taking a drive past the West Jet Garage before pulling into Terminal 1

Another Air Canada Plane pulling into Terminal 1

Docking at Terminal 1.  Once we were docked, it was time to get our stuff together and get off the plane.

Inside Terminal 1.  It was time to get our kit off the carousel, and meet the school bus.

After a lot walking around the terminal and riding the elevator twice, we finally found our flight to barrie.  The planes (school buses) were parked at Gate P, platforms 6 and 8.

One bus was bound for Collingwood and the other was bound for Barrie and Orillia.  Athleates and their coaches help load the kit onto the buses.  Once the kit was loaded, it was time to board the buses for a 90 minute fight to Barrie.

After a successful flight from Toronto to Barrie, athleates and coaches help unload the bus and than everyone was dismissed and headed home with their parents and friends.

Thank you for reading this blog about my trip to Thunder Bay.  I brought back three Gold Medals in the 1 Kilometer, 500 Meter, and 100 Meter skiing races at the Kamview Nascar of Skiing and Snowshoing.  The events in Thunder Bay were a great success and everyone had a fun time.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Special Olympics, Fort Willams Day Trip and Departure

January 23, 2011

It was a cold day.  Everyone on on our ski team decided to stay at the hotel until it was time to get on the plane back to A-W-E (home).  I decided to go to Fort Willams Park for the morning.  I got on a city bus outside the hotel with my coach.

Approaching Fort Williams Park on a City Bus

After a 10 minute flight, we arrived at Fort William's Historical Park. 

A view of the Visitor's Centre from the Snow Tube run

There were games at Fort Willimas like Ring Toss, knock the Penguguins and a maze constructed with snow and ice.  This maze is bigger than Barrie's Ice Maze and more challenging to walk through.  There was snow tubing too.  After a few tube runs, it was too cold to stay outside and I decided to go inside the chalet to warm up.

Inside the Chalet, there was a bowling alley to do some bowling.  Lots of people love the bowling alley.

These two just finished a round of bowling at the Fort Williams Bowling Alley.

After 11:00 AM it was time to board the bus back to the hotel for lunch and get ready to get on the plane back to A-W-E.

Inside the Dining Hall at the Victoria Inn.  Lunch was soup and sandwiches.  Following Lunch, it was time to get our Kit organized and get on a bus to the Airport.
All the checked baggage is loaded onto an Army Truck that is bound for the Airport.

Another view of the Army Truck onboard Disney's Magical Express.  Disney's Magical Express in Thunder Bay was a bunch of city buses and the Fort Williams bus.  The Fort Williams bus took the passengers that were boarding the West Jet.

After arriving at the airport, Everyone waited until their kit is off the Army Truck.  Once everyone got their kit, it was time to check it onto the plane.  Skis were put through the "Odd Sized Baggage" X-Ray.

After everyone checked their kit onto the plane,  it was time to ride this escalator to the upper level and clear SECURITY.

After a breif delay, The Fort William's People bidded us Farewell as we passed through SECURITY. 

Once our team members are together, it was time to proceed down this Gangway (Bridge) to the plane.

Once we were onboard, the plane did not leave the tarmac until 4:00 PM.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Special Olympics -- Podium Breakfast

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Following Breakfast, There was a special Podium Ceremony because the awards for the Kamview Nordic Nascar of Skiing and Snowshoing were not handed out due to lack of time and cold weather. 

This Podium Ceremony was exciting because everyone on our skiing team hauled in the Hardware.  The real meaning of Sportsmanship is having Fun.
Keep your Ears to the Tracks for Events at Fort William and the plane back to A-W-E Therapies