Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Diesel Playhouse, October 29, 2012 Update

This is what the Diesel Playhouse looks Like on October 29, 2012.   In this entry, I get a glimpse of the Diesel Playhouse Administration office and the Front of House.

Approaching The Diesel Playhouse from King Street West.

A Closer View of the Diesel Playhouse.  A fence was built around the perimeter of the Building.

The Large bay window was filled in with cinder blocks.  If you remember, The Red DIESEL Sign stuck out of the center of this window.

Large beams were inserted in the base of the building.  The front of house is being preped to be moved onto the sidwalk.

The Diesel Playhouse Main Space and Caberet Spaces were demolished. 

This is the first and last glimpse of what the Diesel Playhouse looks like from the inside.

The Elevator Shaft is still in tact.

Looking down stage centre towards the Front of House.  The First floor housed Jeff Healey's Roadhouse and the Diesel Playhouse Box Office.  I went there to pick up my tickets when I watched Evil Dead for the last 5 times.  It was cheaper to purchase my tickets at the box office.

The Second Floor housed the DIESEL PLAYHOUSE Administartion offices.  The Third floor was the Front of House, Bar, The Main Space, and Caberet Space

Looking Westward on Mercer Street towards the Blue Jays Way.

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The DIESEL Playhouse, March, 21, 2011

The DIESEL Playhouse, April 15, 2013 Update

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Diesel Playhouse April, 2013 Update

What does the Diesel Playhouse look like as of April 15, 2013

Approaching the Diesel Playhouse on Blue Jays Way.  This is how I visited the Diesel Playhouse back in the day of Evil Dead, The Musical

The Diesel Playhouse from King Street West.

The Theatre has been demolished to make way for an ugly Condo Tower
The Front of House has been moved onto the sidewalk of Blue Jays Way.

One lane has been blocked because the Front of House had to be moved onto the sidewalk.  The Front of House is being preserved because it is a heritage building.  Lot of other heritage buildings were knocked down and the frontage was preserved.

The Front of House sitting on yellow beams on the side of the road.  You can see the elevator shaft on the left hand side of this photo. 
An Ugly hole gapes in the back of house of the Diesel Playhouse.
A view of the large pit from Stage Left

The Diesel Playhouse at the end of Mercer Street.

Looking towards the Diesel Playhouse from John Street.
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