Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rumble Strips in South Korea

Rumble Strips in South Korea are designed differnt compared to the ones in Ontario, Canada

These rumble strips are located on the Yeongdong Expressway.  These rumble strips are a bunch of grooves engraved into pavement.  When you hit these rumble strips they make a high pitch tone. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Tunnels I been Through.

If you remember my past post, The Tunnels I been through.  The last time I was in a long tunnel was back in 1993 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstate 70 / 76).  On January 29th, 2013, I got to take a trip of a lifetime to Pyeongchang South Korea for the Special Olympics World Winter Games.  The The main highway (Expressway 50) that passes through Pyeongchang has 13 tunnels.  I was fortunate to travel through all 13 tunnels while I was in South Korea.

Picture pulled from from Google Maps, Streetview.

This is the first tunnel I been through in the daytime on the Yeongdong Expressway (Expressway 50).  This tunnel is located aproxmently 3 kilometers east of Expressway 1.

 The portal of this tunnel is angled with the hillside.

 The bus inside the tunnel.  It's like riding on the subway

After exiting the tunnel, Let there be snow!  Taking a look at the east portal of the westbound lanes.

The Tunnel Wall.

Approaching another tunnel around the bend

Apporaching  the tunnel.

A secondary road crosses the highway above this tunnel portal

The westbound lanes are at a higher elevation while approaching this tunnel.  On this bus ride between Asan and Pyeongchang, I traveled through 7 tunnels on Expressway 50.

This wall is plain concrete and no fancy tile work. This is one of the short tunnels on the Yeongdong Expressway.

This tunnel wall's tile work has a gray scale.

This tunnel's approach has cement arches that allows natural light.

 Tunnel Wall, The Light at the end of the tunnel!

Many tunnel portals are angled with the hillside

A solid poured cement tunnel arch.

Many of these pictures of the tunnels were taken out a foggy bus window.

This tunnel is located approximately 1 kilometer west of Expressway 171 or 3 Kilometers west of Expressway 1 on the Yeongdong Expressway (Expressway 50).  I passed through this tunnel enroute to the airport on February 6, 2013.

That's enough pictures of tunnels.  Keep your ears to the tracks.  I will have another post about Tunnels.

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