Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SNES Games I Owned

On Christmas Day, 1995, my Grandfather got me a Super Nintendo to replace the NES because it was not working due to the horrible curse that Scott's games caused.  When I got the SNES, the games worked as soon as I turned on the machine.  I only had a few games to start and I did not like them as much as the ones I wanted to play.  Most of the games I played were rented from Blockbuster Video and Jumbo Video.  When I moved to Innisfil, ON, I rented games from the Sideroad Gallery and Video 99.

Christmas 1995

Aero the Acrobat

Aero the Acrobat was the first game I got with my SNES.  This game is circus theme game where you got to finish the level by jumping on Star Platforms,  jumping through rings, etc.  I was quite into this game in 1997 because I successfully got past the circus.

Battle Clash

My Grandfathe got me this game with the SNES.  I was not able to play it because I needed an acessory called the Super Scope.  The Super Scope was the gun acessory for the SNES.  My Grandfather Exchanged this game for Zelda.

Shaq Fu

This was the second game I got for Christmas, 1994.  I did not like this game because it was a turnement fighter game and it was the first one I gotten. When I first started playing this game, I kept getting killed by the ememies because they make advance moves like throws, lightning spells, etc.  These moves were very difficult to dodge.


The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past

This was one of my favorite SNES games I got.  My Grandfather exchanged Battle Clash for Zelda because I needed an extra acessory to play it.  When I got this game, I played this game with my brother and successfuly finished it.  I loved this game because it was an adventure game where you explore dungeons and find treasure.  This was the first Adventure I played on the SNES.  My favorite track is the Hyrule Castle.

Revolution X, Music is the Weapon

My father's friend got me Revolution X on Christmas 1996.  This game is similar to Area 51 because you are shooting off enemies, helecopters, and vehicles.  The object of the game is to bring down the New Order and save Aerosmith.  When I first got this game, I only got to the the helecopter level and kept losing.  Eventually I got past the helecopter in level 2 and made it further.

Super Mario World

In October, 1996, my brother picked up Super Mario World at the 400 Market while I got a name tag.  I fell in love with this game since I played it at Scott's house.  When I get a SNES, I always wanted this game and I did not get it right away.  I played it right through and successfuly finished it and completed all 96 worlds.

In 1998, I started playing my Father's Sony Playstation after he let me rent a game from the local Video 99 store.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NES Games that Scott Brought Over

In 1993 - 1995 Scott from my elementry school class brought a whole bunch of NES games over for me to play.  These games that Scott brought over carried a curse.  When I put the game into my NES, the red light and the TV will start flashing.  It took a hard blowing to get the game going.

720 Degrees

This is a skateboarding game where you skate around town and earn a gold medal in Downhill, Jump, Ramp, and Slalom courses. I was interested in this game because of the music and my brother's playing.


This is the game I played the most out of the collection of Scott.  This game was great because it was a fast paced beat em up game.  When I played it, I tried to collect as many lives as possible in order to beat the Turbo Tunnel.  When I got to the Turbo Tunnel, I kept crashing into a wall on the speeder bike course.  The last leg of the Speeder Bike Course goes slightly faster than the others. 

Super Cars

This was a great overhead car racing game with some great music.  I did not play this game that much.  Let's watch the video and take a listen to the music of Track 3.

Robo Cop

My brother played through this game with the Game Genie and the music was the same for every level.  I liked the levels that featured elevators and multiple doors to open.  This game is pretty linear. When my brother finished the game, I did not realize that the game was finished until I saw the ending sequence.

Nightmare on Elm Street

This is a great game I played through with my brother.  The object of the game is to go to all the houses and collect Freddy Krueger's bones.  You must collect the bones in each stage in order to advance to the next stage.


This is a fighting game my brother played through.  I did not like this game too much because it was a beat em up and it got boring.

And many more games.  After playing the entire collection of games Scott brought over, My NES games started to do the flashing screen.  When I played a game on Aunt Cindy's NES, the curse got it too.

Keep your ears to the tracks and I will tell you more about the Video Games I played.  Next on the tracks is SNES Games

NES Games I Borrowed or Rented

When I had my NES, I borrowed and rented many games.


Donkey Kong (borrwed)

I borrowed this game off my Aunt Cindy for a week.  I managed to get to the third level and the game had to go back to Cindy.

Legend of Zelda ( rental)

This was the first game I ever rented from Jumbo Video in Newmarket.  Jumbo Video was located at 20 Davis Drive.

Xexyz (Rental)

This was some outer space game that I rented at Jumbo Video.  I was partial interested into this game because I could not get past the first level.  The object of the first level was to find a key to get into the mechanical castle.  At the time I rented this game, I was looking for the game Metroid.

Goonies II (rental and Borroewd)

This was one of my favorite Konami Games that I played.  The music caught my attention.  I first rented this game at Jumbl Video and borrowed a copy off my school teacher.

Batman (Rental X 2)

I rented Batman from Jumbo Video in Newmarket.  I was interested in this game because of the music in the first level.  When I played it for the first time, I got to the first boss and got killed.

Mega Man II (rental)

I rented this game from Mr Video.  Mr Video was a small video store in the town of Mt Albert on the corner of Centre and Bank Street.  I was quite intrigued with this game because of the music and game play.  I did not like the game at the time because the Quick Man stage had a freak out.  The beams that come across the board made a freaky noise.  I did not want to play that level at all.


Castlevania II, Simon's Quest (rental)

I rented this game from Jumbo Video in the winter of 1991.  This was a interesting game because it featured towns and adventure.  I played this game through until I hit a marsh on Dabi's Path.  When I walk into a marsh the screen will flash red as my energy gets drained.  As I continue playing the game, I did not want to go into marsh because of the flashing screen.

Fantasy Zone (rental)

I rented this game at Jumbo Video.  I played this game for awhile and I did not know what to do.

Super Sprint (rental)

This was an overhead racing game that I could not get the car moving.  All I could do is rotate the car in circles by rotation on the D Pad.  I shut this game off.

Video Games of the Lockport INN, 1991

Aunt Cindy rented a NES while staying at the Lockport INN.  There were five games available to play when you rent the NES.  This was the first time playing Nintendo in a hotel room.

Friday the 13th

This game interested me because it was an adventure like game.  The object of the game is to fight off Jason Vorhees.  When I played it, I did not who what to do.  I just explored the levels and the cave.  I got stuck in the woods at a house where you need a key to get into.  When I got to the part where I needed a key, I just reset the game.  When I first put the game on, It was very important to hit the start butten right away or you will see a screen flash freak out. 

Road Blasters

Road Blasters is like a racing game where you can blast other cars.  The object of the game is to finsish the rallies before you run out of fuel.  I did not get too much into this game.

Mega Man II Again

I finally got an opportunity to play Mega Man II again.  I finally gotten over the Quick Man Beam Freak Out this time.  I started to like this game on the second time playing it.  My favorite soundtrack for Mega Man II is Wood Man's Stage.

Xexyz again

I gave this game another shot.  The results of finding the key to the mechanical castle was the same.  All I did was wonder around the level collecting E.

Dr Mario

This is the mario theme puzzle game where you line up the pills to clear the three viruses.  Theres red, blue, and yellow.  The game ends when you overflow the bottle. I did not play this game too much.

Borrowed Multiple Times

Zelda II, The Adventures of Link

This was one of my favorite games that I played at my Grandmother place.  This was the first NES game I ever played besides Super Mario Brothers.  I liked this game becuause it was an adventure type game that has side scrolling and an overworld map.  I have borrowed this game on a few occasions.  In 1993, this game went "Black Screen" forever.  I was playing this game and guessing Game Genie Codes and seeing what will happen.  The horrible happened to my Grandmothers copy of Zelda II, it stopped playing and showing a Black Screen when I turn it on.

I borrowed this game off Brian and Carolyn Barnett and it worked.


This was an interesting game that I borrowed off of Carolyn and Brian Barnett.  I have borrowed this game a few times.  I liked this game because it was an adventure based game where you buy keys, weapons, potions, etc.  When I played it for the first time, I did not know what to do.  Carolyn helped me get started with this game.  Once I am started, I am able to play the game and get to the second town.  I have borrowed this game a few times and my brother played this game with me and made it to the World of Mist.  I had a freak Out in the World of Mist because there's a witch that casts spell that causes the screen to flash.  I managed to play this game through to Dartmore with the Game Genie and I love the music.


In 1992, my father started renting games from Blockbuster Video in Newmarket.  He got some unique games and a few boring games.

Wall Street Kid (rental)

This is the first boring game I ever played.  My father rented this game from Blockbuster Video which opened in 1992.  Wall Street Kid is simulation game where you must get enough money to buy a castle.  The game entales you to buy and sell stocks on the NYSE.  When I saw the title of the game, I thought it was an adventure game where Wall Street Kid takes out enemies on Wall Street.  When I put the game on, I was very disappinted.

Uninvited (rental)

This is the first first person adventure game my father rented from Blockbuster.  The format of this game is similar to Shadowgate or Deja Vu: a Nightmare Comes TrueThis game is a Point and Click Game on the NES.  When I played it, I could not get past the ghost in the hallway.  When I click on it to go beyond it, I get killed and have to start again.  When my father played it, he used a spray called "No Ghost" to clear the ghost from the hallway.

My Father rented many games from Blockbuster and I got to play them.  Some of them I liked and some I did not.


Hook (rental)

I picked out Hook at Jumbo Video and played it.  I found this game difficult because there were many enemies and bodies of water takes life.  If you get game over, Tinkerbell can has enough pixie dust to grant two continues.  .

Mega Man 6 (rental X 2)

I rented Mega Man 6 when I found it on the shelf at Jumbo Video.  This was the third Mega Man game I rented in the series.  I loved the music of Plant Man, Blizzard Man, Tomahawk Man, and Knight Man because the tunes were catchy to my tastebuds.  I rented this game again in December 1994 and successfly finished it.


Ghoul School (rental)

In February, 1995 there was an ice storm that cancelled school and my Grandfather took me to Jumbo Video to rent a video game.  I picked out Ghoul School because it seemed interesting to play.  The music was great.  The game starts you off with a baseball bat as your default weapon.  In the cafeteria hallway, there are difficult Frankenstein monsters that move faster than you and it results in quick deaths.  I played this game with my brother and he finished the game.

Mega Man 5 (rental)

I rented Mega Man 5 from Jumbo Video when I spotted the title on the shelf.  I did not like this Maga Man title as much as Mega Man 6 because it was slightly too difficult at the time.  I punched in the password for Proto Man's Castle, and discovered that there was a large robot that shoots lasers and I found it difficult to get past.  This game had an OK soundtrack with some catchy music.  My favorite state was Gravity Man because you can either walk on the ceiling or the floor of the stage.  If you manage to collect all eight letters spelling "MEGA MAN V" you will get a robot bird named "Beat".  Beat is a familliar that will kill nearby enemies.

Mega Man 2 (rental)

I decided to rent Mega Man II a second time because I loved the music of the game.  I played it and used the password book I got from Nintendo Power to see the Skull Castle levels in the game.  I did not get too far in the first Skull Castle level and I gave it up.  I overly loved the game because it's music and game play.  I finally gotten over the Quick Man Beam Freak Out.

Mega Man (rental)

I rented this game from Jumbo Video in the summer of and had a hard time getting it going.  It took Blowing and cleaning the game and the NES due to the curse of Scott's Games.  I managed to finish the game with the help of the Game Genie.

Little Nemo: The Dream Master (rental)

This is another game I rented from Jumbo Video in the summer of 1994.  I got this game because I had secret codes that I could take a look at the levels in the game.

Final Fantasy (rental X 5)

Final Fantasy was one of my favorite Jumbo Video Rentals.  This is the first game that I rented multiple times between 1994 - 1996.  When I got this game, I did not know where to go at first.  I just wondered around and killed monsters and get killed.  Sometimes, I started a new quest and start fresh.  Once I got the hang of things, I was able to play.  My brother plays with me every time I got this game. 


Dragon Warrior IV (rental X 4)

This is the third RPG I ever played.  I got this game I was very interested in playing it.  When I got this game going, there was a Chapter 5 file and I wanted to start the game on the latest file because it had more weapons and more opportunities to freely explore.  On the first rental, I got pretty far and my grandfather said" Phil, Ed, Time to take our junk back."  When he said that, that means it was time to shut the game off and get ready to take it back to Jumbo Video.  I dreaded my grandfather to say that because I was quite into the game it I wanted more time to play on.  Back in 1995, you only rented the games only for one night at a time.  In July 1995, I successfly finshed Dragon Warrior IV with the help of my brother knocking out the final boss. 

Star Tropics 2, Zoda's Revenge (rental X 3)

In the summer of 1995, I rented Star Tropics 2 from Jumbo Video.  I like this game because it had great music and gameplay.  This game is based on collecting tetrads while traveling through time and space.  This game's had great music in the Western Gold Mine, Transylvania, and The Middle Ages.  I have rented this game three times over during the summer of 1995.  This was my last NES rental before I started renting SNES games in 1996

Refrences of Pictures

Final Fantasy Boxart,, September, 29, 2010

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NES Games I played

This is a listing of the NES Games that I owned.

In September, 1990, my Grandfather got me a Nintendo Enterainment System (NES) for a gift after returning from a shopping weekend in the states.  The game that came with the NES was Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt.  I played Super Mario Brothers quite a lot and than I wanted some more games.  My aunt Cindy had a collection of games including Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, and many more.

October, 1990

Super Mario Brothers 3

Super Mario Brothers 3 was the first game my Grandfather got me.  While shopping in Sears, my Grandfather asked me what game should I get, I said Super Mario Brothers 3.

Dragon Warrior

This is the second game my Grandfather got me.  When I first got it, I did not understand the game too much because it involved reading dialog.  I finally figured it out and managed to get on to the world map.  I explored a cave near the first town and a torch was required.  I got killed by random monsters as I kept fleeing them trying to explore the world map.

November, 1990

Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I got this game for my birthday.  I played it and got to level 2.  The second level featured two stages.  The First stage was inside a dam and the second stage was an underwater stage.  I stopped playing this game because of the seaweed nasty sound and screen flashing.  In this underwater level, there is a timer that will count down,  If you let it count down, the screen will flash red and the game is over,  This was a major Game Freak Out.

Check out Youtube Video to see the underwater stage for yourself.

This youtube video was uploaded by flamingbabygames.

January, 1991

Super Mario Brothers 2

This was the fourth game I got for my NES my Grandfather got me.  I got this game and I played it to the end of the first stage.  When I got to the Birdo boss, I did not know what to do.  I just wandered back through the stage.  My grandfather invited a friend over and he showed me what to do and than I was able to play onward in the game. 

February, 1991

Air Fortress

While I was visiting my Aunt's place I found an intersting game titled Air Fortress in the game collection.  I put the game on and played it through the first Fortress.  When I got to the core, I did not know what to do than, I simply touched it and the game ended.  After picking up the game at the store, I played through the fortress and started shooting at the core and than the screen flashed and went dark.  I had a Freak Out when I got killed in this game.  The screen will inverse colours and than the game ends.

June, 1991

Mega Man III

My Grandfather got me this NES game after asking him to get me a Mega Man game.  I have rented Mega Man II from a near by video store and I did not like it at the time.  My likes have changed since than and I wanted to get this game.  In July, 1991, My brother played this game with me and managed to finish the game.  I did not know what will happen when you finish a game.  Some games may let you re-play the game and the stages may be harder.  I thought when you finish a game, the levels in the game may change.  Upon finishing the game, there was an ending sequence and a credits roll and the music played on and on.  I started to cry because it was the first time that I seen a video game ending.

October 1991
The Adventures of Lolo

My Grandfather brought back this game after a weekend of shopping in the USA with my Grandmother.  I stayed home with my father while took the trip.  This game is a puzzle game that you must collect the hearts in order to collect the jewel and clear the board.  There are traps like fire breathing dragons, walking skulls, and Medusa heads.
November 1991


Barbara and my Father helped me pick out a game at the Ames Store at 1577 Military Road, Niagara Falls, NY.  I picked out the game Astyanax because it featured a dragon and a knight on the box art. 

My Brother played this game first and he got to the first couple of pitfalls, he got knocked off.  He said to me after getting knocked into the pitfall," Why didn't you tell me that was there?"  The enemy is a flower like creature that sits on the ground between the two pitfalls that will attack the and knock the blind player who attempts to jump into the pitfall by spitting a projectile.

July, 1992

Game Genie

My Brother asked my grandfather to get a game genie for the NES.  The Game Genie was a video game enhancer that will alter the game play, character stats, ammo usage, etc.  There were so many games that were difficult to play without the Game Genie.  When my brother got the Game Genie, I borrowed Zelda II and started punching in random codes and see what happens.  Some codes I punch in results in changing the music, or the overworld map.  The Downfall of code guessing was that it resulted in erasing your game and having to start over.  My brother would get mad if I erased his game due to code guessing and he will not let me do it anymore.  After getting the Game Genie, My brother tried finishing the difficult games in the collection like Air Fortress, Super Mario Bros 2, Astyanax, and more.

November, 1992


I got this game as a birthday present from one of my realitves.  Yoshie is a mario based puzzle game where you line up the pictures in threes to clear the board.

February, 1993

Mega Man IV

My grandfather got me Mega Man IV.  I liked this game because of the music and game play.  When I got this game I played it every day after school until it was time to shut the game down for the night.

May, 1993

Legend of Zelda

I went to the store Wana Trade in Mt Albert to get a new game in exchange for the game Yoshi.  I wanted to trade Yoshie for Legend of Zelda because it was a better game.  Wana Trade is the first video game store that I been to where you can rent, trade, and sell your unfavorite games.

October, 1993

Castlevania III

My brother went to a garage sale hosted by the owner of Wana Trade.  My brother picked up this game while I was visiting Alma Barnett's for Halloween weekend.  When I got back, I played this game with my brother every night after school until bed time.

December, 1993


I wanted Tetris because I was playing this game everytime I visited my Grandmother's place.  I gotten so much practice and learning what to do.  The object of tetris is to create horozontal lines and the pieces will be removed from the board.  After I was playing it for awhile, my grandfather picked up the game and started playing it and he got high scores on it.  He got to level 11 one time.

Solar Jetman

My grandfather got Solar Jetman as a Christmas gift from my Grandmother.  My grandmother got him Solar Jet Man thinking that he enjoy it as much as Air Fortress.  I played this game with my brother.

November, 1994

Yoshie Again!

Barbara, my Father's wife got me this game for my Birthday again.  I traded this game for Legend of Zelda and Barbara had the wits to get this game for me again.  "I did not want this game," I said to Barbara.  "Sorry, I cannot take it back," Replied Barbara.  The game cannot be returned because it was on sale.

May, 1995

Final Fantasy

My grandfather took me to Microplay to trade in a game.  I traded in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Final Fantasy.  After the trade, I got one Buck.  I loved this game and I wanted to play through the entire game.  When I got the game, it featured a Monster Chart and and Maps of dungeons.  My brother paid for the game.  Me and my brother played through the entire game together.

December, 1995

Iron Sword -Wizards and Warriors 2

I got this game for my brother for Christmas.  This was the last NES game that I got on the NES.  I was interested in this game because of the music and the gameplay.  When I got this game for my brother, I was thinking about that he may like it since when he tried it out at BJ's in the USA. 


My grandfather got me a SNES for Christmas with two games.  The first game was Shaq Fu and the other was Aero the Acrobat.  I wanted a SNES because there was no more NES games.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Toys I played With Part II

There are so many toys that I had since Kindergarten and I had them right through to teen hood.

Fisher Price Play Family Farm

This is the famous barn that says Moo! when you open and close the left hand door of the barn.  This was one my favorite toys because of the Moo door.  I bugged my brother with it and he dunked the barn into the bathtub and it stopped mooing for a week.

Rock-a-by-Baby Teddy Bear

This is a stuffed teddy bear with a music box inside that played Rock-a-by-Baby.  The colour of it was white and I had it for at least 10 years.


Lego is one of my favorite building blocks.  I built many things like bridges, castles, and much more.  I was very creative with Lego.

Blue-Box Truck/Car Wash

December 25, 1988, I got a car wash for Christmas.  This car wash featured water jets, converbelt, and a blue roof.  This car wash operated with levers. The red lever ran the belt and the blue lever ran the water jets.

I asked for a car wash for Christmas 1988 and there were two car washes I wanted. The first car wash I saw featured a mitter curtian on the box and in the catalogue

Gas Can Mountain Service

Gas Can Mountain Service was a Micro Machines gas station that featured two tunnels and an elevator.  When the toy is closed.  The gas can is placed on its side and the sides open up forming the base and the top opens and revealing a scenic backdrop of a large river.  I got this on November 23, 1989 as a birthday present from my Grandfather.  I wanted this toy after finding it in a store flyer.

Micro Machines City with Car Wash

On December 25, 1989, My Grandfather got me another car wash.  This car wash was included with one of the parts of the Micro Machines City sets.  This car wash that featured a hand crank convyerbelt, and a mitter curtian.  The crank on this car wash was very stiff to turn. 

Might Max  Escapes from Skull Dungeon

On Christmas, 1993, My Grandfather got me Skull Dungeon. I wanted this play set because I was into dungeons.  This playset is similar to Polly Pocket.  The facade featured a skull face with an opening mouth.  The interior featured Dr Frankenstein's Lab and a trap door.  On the skull face, there is a staircase and a working door and holding cell. Three figures were featured including Might Max, Dr Frankenstein (Dr Gore), and The Monster (Smasher).

The picture was from Mighty Max Wikia,

The Toys I played With

In Preschool - Grade V, There were many intersting toys that I had played with at home and at school.  In Pre School there was a selection of toys on the shelves in the classroom from a dollhouses to trains.

Pre School / Kindergarten

Wooden Train, In 1988, I got an award for creating the longest wooden railway with Brio track.  The train pieces were magnetic and the track pieces were jig saw cut.  There was another wooden train in my kindergarten class that I played with too.  That wooden train connectors were different to the one in the Pre school classroom

Fisher Price Play Family House

The Play Family house was one of the first toys I saw in the Pre School Classroom.  The facade of the house features stone, wood and stucco. 

Fisher Price Play Family Action Garage,

I remember the day that I got the Action Garage at a garage sale in 1987.  The elevator had a bell that dings when you turn the crank on the side of the elevator shaft.  The elevator will carry one car at a time.  When the elevator is at the top, the elevator floor will slant and send the car down the ramp.  I thought the ramp was a slide when I saw the car roll down.

Fisher Price Play Family Castle

The Play Family Castle was one my favorite toys of Pre School.  The castle features a movable drawbridge and a curved staircase.  The figures featured includes a pink dragon, king, queen, and knights.

Fisher Price Play Family Village,

The Play Family Village features a Fire House, Police Station with a jail cell, Barber Shop and a phone booth.  I played with this toy in either in Pre School or Kindergarten.

Fisher Price Children Hospital

I played with this toy at the Mt Albert Child Care Centre.  This toy features an elevator between the ground and the second floor.  I was facinated with this toy because of the elevator and the sliding doors.

Fisher Price Play Family Westerm Town,

This toy facinated me because it had a moving walkway and a trap door.  This is the second toy with a trap door. 

I will be adding more toys on a new page.  Keep your ears to the Tracks.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Music of my Elementry School Days

The music of my elementary school days was great because this music was so memorable to hear on the radio.  There were great songs like Jump Around, by The House of Pain, or Gonna Make you Sweat (Every Dance Now).  I will tell you the songs by Grade Number.

Grade II (1990 - 1991)

In Grade II, my brother moved in with my Grandfather in March 1991.  Every night, he will sleep with the radio on and I hear very intersting music.  I searched for the station until my brother put it on for me.  The station was AM 640 The Hog.  These are the songs of that year.

Everybody Dance Now, C + C Music Factory

Finally, CeCe Peniston

Unbelievable - EMF

Grade III (1991 - 1992)

In 1991 - 1992, There was great music on AM 640 and this was the year that the station's name changed to The New Beat of Toronto.

3 AM Eternal, KLF, 1991

James Brown is Dead, LA Style -- (1991, 1992)

Humpin' Around, Bobby Brown (1992)

It's Mu Life, Dr Alban  (1992)

Living in Ecstasy, BKS, (1992)

Jump Around, House of Pain (1992)

Justified And Ancient / Mu Mu Land (Stand By the Jams), KLF (Tammy Yynette) (1991)

What Time is Love, KLF (1991)

In the Summer of 1992, AM 640 the New Beat of Toronto had a Live to Air every Tuesday night in the summertime.  I heard some interesting tracks during this live-to-air brodcast from some night club called The Factory.

Get Ready for this, 2 Unlimited (1991)

Twlight Zone, 2 Unlimited (1992)

Grade IV (1992 - 1993)

In the fall of 1992, AM 640 the New Beat of Toronto had a second Live to Air known as Mix Friday's at the Mix Nightclub.  This nightclub was located at 1325 Eglington Ave.  Some of the songs listed below were played at this club.

Take me in your Arms, Lil Suzy (1992)

Rhythem is  a Dancer, Snap (1992)

I will Always Love You, Whitney Houston (1992)

Sesame's Treat, Smart E 's (1992)

No Limits, 2 Unlimited, 1993

Mr Vain, Culture Beat (1993)

In the Spring of 1993, Jessie and Jean took the airwaves of AM 640 between 5:30 - 9:00 AM every Monday - Friday.  This was the first talk show that aired on AM 640. There was also a late-night talk show that took the airwaves too.

Grade V (1993 - 1994)

In the fall of 1993, another late-night talk show took the 11:00 - 1:00 AM time slot known as Telepersonal Radio.  In the winter of 1994, another talk show took the airwaves known as Toronto Talks took the 9:00 AM - 12:00 timeslot and Touch Tone took the 1:00 - 3:00 timeslot.  These talk shows took away the music during the day.  These talk shows played during the daytime while the young listeners are at school.

Getaway, Maxx (1994)

Got to Get it, Culture Beat (1993)

Mortal Kombat Radio Ad (1993), Aired on AM 640 the New Beat of Toronto in September 1993

I recorded this radio ad because it has a great dance track. Mortal Monday is September 13, 1993

The Rhythm of Love, DJ Company (1994)

The Real Thing, 2 Unlimited (1994)

Runnin Up That Hill, Elastic Band (1994)

Right in the Night, Jam & Spoon

Grade VI (1994 - 1995)

In Grade VI, AM 640 the New Beat of Toronto decided to produce more boring talk show in the place of during the morning hours before school.  In December of 1994, I found a better radio station on the FM Dial known as Energy 108 FM.  At the same time there was another station that played the same music called Hot 103.5 FM

Fluxland, XL (1994), In 2000, KernKraft created Zombie Nation.  Sometimes the DJs may mix Fluxland XL and Zombie Nation back to back.

Happy People, Sotto Voice (1994),  I heard this song on Energy 108 FM during the Christmas Holidays.

Higher State Of Consciousness, Josh Wink, (1995)  This song featured a Time Stretch that freaked me out while I'm listening to this song in bed.

Hold On, Loft (1994)

I like to Move It, Reel 2 Reel, (1994)

It's a Rainy Day, Ice MC (1994)

Machine Gun, Party Nation (1994)

Pick It Up, Herbie (1994)

Rhythem of the Night, Conona (1994)

Tonight it's Party Time, Outta Control AKA Killer Bunnies Dance Project, (1994)

Tonight is the Night, Le Click (1993) I heard it for the first time in 1994 after getting Bram Stoker's Dracula as a Belated Christmas gift.

Unknown Jungle Track, This jungle track has lots of vocal time stretching andcontains the word Misplace. This was the first time I heard that freaky sound on the radio.

Think About the Way, Ice MC (1993)  When I heard this song for the first time, Energy 108 FM played the noche de luna mix.  I thought this was the original version to my ears. I heard the Radio version of Think About the Way later on 103.5 in 1995.  I thought the radio verison was a remix.

Mystify - Raise your Hands, Positronic Brain (1994)

Close to You, Fun Factory (1994)

Memories, Netzwork (1995)

Love is Paradise, First Base

Run Away, Real Mc Coy (1994),  I heard this song on Energy 108 after I watched Bram Stoker's Count Dracula starring Christopher Lee.

The Summer Is Magic, Playhitty (1994).  Energy 108 and Hot 103.5 played this song very often between 1994 - 1995.

Special shows in Energy FM and Hot 103.5 included the Dr Trance Show, The Street Mix and a Friday night Live to Air at Amnesia Night Club

Grade VII (1995 - 1996)

In your Arms, Emjay (1995)

Flying to the Moon, Emjay (1995)

I Dream of you Tonight, Taboo, (1995)

I will be adding more songs to this time line as soon as I remember the titles.  Keep your ears to the Tracks

Grade VII has been omitted becaue I jumped to Grade IX in 1996.  Let's click here and read about the music of High School

The Top 108 songs from Energy FM, 1994

The Top 108 Songs from Energy FM, 1995

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tunnels I been through

Tunnels made my stomach Cringe when my grandfather mentioned the word back in 1990.  I was looking forward to that first trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.  I wanted to go to Myrtle Beach, SC because my school teacher went there every year.

Yorkdale Service Tunnel

In 1989, my Grandfather took me to Yorkdale on business.  During some spare time, he took me for a drive around the shopping centre and through the service tunnel.  While in the tunnel, I said "We will come to the other side" over and over until emerging into the west parking lot.  A few years later, my grandfather took me through the tunnel again.

East River Mountain Tunnel, I 77

In March, 1990, My Grandfather took me through the East River Mountain Tunnel en-route to Myrtle Beach SC.  This is the first tunnel through a mountain ever.  It was before dawn when I passed through the tunnel and I could not see anything. My Grandfather took a picture of the interior of the tunnel.  The lights inside the tunnel in 1990 were white flourescent.  Freak Factor was minimal becuause of the brightness of the lights.

Big Walker Mountain Tunnel, I77 Virginia

This is the second tunnel my Grandfather took me through en-route to Myrtle Beach.  When I passed through this tunnel, I could not see the faceade because it was before dawn.  When I see a picture of the facade of the Big Walker Mountain Tunnel, I think of the white keys on a piano.  I nick name this tunnel the Piano Tunnel.

Allegheny Mountain Tunnel

This is the third tunnel my Grandfather took me through en-route home from Myrtle Beach SC.  My grandfather took a picture of the east portal of the tunnel in 1990.  In 1991 and 1993, my grandfather took me through this tunnel every trip to Myrtle Beach.  I passed through this tunnel five times.  This tunnel is located on I 70 / 76 east of Pittsburgh PA.

Underpass Tunnels, Detroit, MI

In 1990, My grandfather took me through two tunnels en-route to the Detroit / Windsor Tunnel.  These tunnels are located on Michican Highway 10 (M-10).  The first tunnel was a curved tunnel under a city block and the second tunnel was beneath the Cobo Centre.  The Cobo Centre Tunnel had a freak factor because of the multiple amber lights on the wall as you approach the south portal.  These tunnels warm you up for the Detroit/ Windsor Tunnel.

Detroit / Windsor Tunnel, Windsor, ON

In 1990, My grandfather took me through the Detroit / Windsor Tunnel en-route home after a vacation in Kalamazoo MI.  The tunnel had amber lights and the freak factor was minimal because the shorter tunnels wamred you up before the long tunnel.  This tunnel spans underneath the St. Clair River.  On one occasion, I cringed when the traffic within the tunnel slowed down before emerging on the American side while en-route to Florida in 1992.

Underpass Tunnels on I 75, Atlanta, GA

In 1992, my Grandfather took me to Orlando, Florida to see Universal Studios.  En-route, I passed through a series of short tunnels in Atlanta Georgia.  these tunnels featured amber lights and created a mild freak factor because I have never been there before.  You can find some pictures of the Atlanta Tunnels on here

Thorald Tunnel, St Cathrines, ON

In, 1995, My Grandfather took me on a special trip through the Thorald Tunnel while during a Niagara Falls trip.  When my Grandfather took me through this tunnel, the tunnel featured Amber Lights and white flourescent lights. 

In August 2005, At a Special Olympics Track Meet, I travelled through this tunnel four times between Brock University and the Track / Field Venue.  On that day, the highway was only reduced to one lane each direction and the traffic was only using one tube.   During that trip through the tunnel, the lighting was changed to all Amber Lights.

Bachman Tubes / East Ridge Tunnel, Chattanooga, TN

In 1995, My Grandfather took me through these tunnels twice while taking a drive around one day in Chattanooga, TN.  After passing through these tunnels, there was an awsome castle playground a few miles east of the tunnel.  The Freak-Out Factor is minimal because you can see the light at the other end of the tunnel as you approcah.

Click and Read about the Tunnels I been through on the Yeongdong Expressway (Expressway 50) Enroute to Pyeongchang, South Korea for the Special Olympics World Winter Games

The Bridges that I crossed Part 2

In this entry, I will be telling you about the bridges of the USA.  There are so many large bridges in the states and some of them do not have any name.

Unknown Bridge, I 79, PA

In 1990, 1991, and 1993, My Grandfather took me over this long bridge that spans across a wetland south of Meadville Pennsylvania. 

Neville Island Bridge, I 79, Pittsburgh, PA

In March, 1990, my Grandfather took me across this bridge en-route to Myrtle Beach, SC. This arch bridge is different compared to the Burlington Skyway because it's a Tied arch bridge.  I like this bridge because of the colour and the arch feature.

Belle Vernon Bridge, Monongahela, PA

In 1990, My Grandfather took me across the Bell Vernon Bridge en-route home from Myrtle Beach, SC.  This bridge is an arch bridge that spans the Monongahela River.  This bridge is also known as the Speers Bridge or the Speers / Belle Bridge.

 The Brent Spence Bridge, Cincinnati, Ohio

In 1992, my Grandfather took me across the Brent Spence Bridge en-route to Orlando Florida.  This is a double-decker cantilever bridge that carries I 71 and I 75 across the Ohio River.  I like this bridge because of the Through Truss and it is pretty long.  When you are traveling southbound, you will be on the upper deck and if you are tarveling norhbound, you will be on the lower deck.

There are many more bridges that I have crossed in the USA.  I am unable to locate them and get the names.  I will be listing off the tunnels that I been through next.

These bridges posted were some memories of my trips to the USA with my Grandfather.  Thank you for reading.

Keep your ears to the Tracks


Belle Vernon Bridge, Wikipedia,, September, 23, 2010

Brent Spence Bridge, Wikipedia, 

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The Bridges I Crossed

Why do I like Bridges?

I loved bridges since childhood.  I love the long bridges that span over rivers like the Burlington Skyway in Burlington Ontario.  When I travelled to the Myrtle Beach, SC, I crossed many large bridges.

Notable Bridges

Burlington Skyway, Burlington, ON

Between 1987 - 1997, My grandfather took me over the Burlington Skyway en-route to the US and back.  I love this bridge because of the height and the Iron Arch.

Garden City Skyway

Between 1987 - 1997, My Grandfather took me over the Garden City Skyway the same amount of times as the Burlington Skyway.  This bridge is a high level Bridge in St. Cathrines, ON.  I love this bridge because of the height and it overlooks the Welland Canel and the city of St. Cathrines

The Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls, ON

My grandfather took me over the Rainbow Bridge a few times.  This is an arch bridge that spans the Niagara River between Ontario, Canada and New York, USA.  One time, I wanted to ask to stop and walk across the Rainbow Bridge in 1989.

Queenston Lewiston Bridge, Queenston, Ontario / Lewiston, NY

Between 1990 - 1997, my Grandfather took me into New York States to go shopping along the Military Trail.  I crossed this bridge the most out of the three crossings of the Niagara River. 

Whirlpool Rapids Bridge, Niagara Falls, ON

My grandfather took me over the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge only twice.  I like this bridge because it is a double decker bridge.  Cars will travel on the lower deck and trains will travel on the upper deck.  This bridge is an Iron Arch Bridge.

Peace Bridge, Fort Erie, ON / Buffalo, NY

In 1990, my grandfather took me to the Peace Bridge for the first time en-route to Myrtle Beach, SC.  I love this bridge because of the Parker Through Truss on the American Side.  I crossed this bridge at least six times.

Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, ON

In 1991, My grandfather took me over the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, ON en-route to Kalamazoo, MI and few other occasions too.  I like this bridge because it's the first suspension bridge I ever crossed with my Grandfather.

Bluewter Bridge, Sarnia, ON

In 1990, My grandfather took me over the Bluewater Bridge en-route to Kalamazoo MI.  I like this bridge because it features an Iron Through Truss and it's curved shape.

More Bridges will be added in the next Entry.  Keep your Ears to the Tracks.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Car Washes I Visited.

The Stories of my Car Wash Experience

I have been through a few automatic car washes in my childhood.  I have been afraid to go to the automatic car wash because of the sound of the brushes as they whip against the car and the Darkenss.  I have not been through an automatic car wash since 2001 with my Aunt Cindy.  This is my Story.

Clean Plus Car Wash at the Shell Station at 166, Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON

This is the first Automatic Car Wash I have been to.  I got pretty scared on the first time through it.  As the car creeped towards the enterance of the tunnel, I saw the blue mitter curtian swaying from side to side.  I did not know what this is.  At that time, I was more familliar with Coin Self Serve Car Washes.

Sunoco Car Van Wash at 15612 Yonge Street, Aurora, ON

This is a much easier car wash to pass through because it has four large bay windows that the driver and the passengers in the car can see out.  This car wash eliminates the Darkness Freak Out.  In 1989 - 1990 the entrance featured a blue overhead Rotary Brush.

Park Way Car Wash at 2055 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto, ON

In 1989, I went through this car wash once.  I was not scared of this car wash at all because I got out of the car because it's a full service auto detail car wash.  There was no Freak out at all. 

A car wash on Steeles Ave

In 1989, my grandfather took me through a car wash that featured a green mitter curtian as you apparoach and a red rotary brush in place of the second mitter curtian.  The Freak Factor of this car wash was high because of the rotary brush.

Esso Car Wash at 9999 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill

In 1989, Mark took me through this car wash 3 - 4 times en route to a summer camp in Maple Ontario.  This was the first In-Bay car wash I been through.  The Darkness Freak Factor was not an issue because there was a large bay window on the side of the car wash.  This bay car wash featured an overhead roatary brush and four side brushes on a machine that travels back and forth over the car.

Canadian Tire Car Wash at 2370 Finch Avenue West

In 1994, my Grandfather took me through this car wash at least three times.  It features a blue mitter curtian at the entrance portal of the tunnel.  If you get an Ulitmate Wash, there is a red light arch way that will flash.  I have been through two ultimate washes and four regular washes.  There was a card that grants you one free ultimate wash if after buying 9 regular washes.

Smokin Joes Car Wash at 2293 Saunders Settlement Road, Sanborn, NY

In 1997, this was the last car wash my Grandfather took me through.  This was a windowless carwash and the freak factor was minimal.  I was nervous because it was the first car wash I been through in the USA.  I though that american car washes features the amber lamp dryer that makes lots of noise and it's scary.  

Klassic Auto Wash at 129 Anne St S, Barrie, ON

In 2000, my Father took me through the Klassic Auto wash in Barrie, Ontario.  The funny thing that happened, there was a crack in the window and my father had to get me to wipe up the foam that got inside the car.  This car wash featured a three colour flashing arch that says "Tripple Foam" when you buy "The Works."

Sunoco Car Wash at 1195 Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON

In 2001, Aunt Cindy took me through this car wash three times after visiting my doctor in Newmarket.  This car wash had windows to let the light in to reduce the Freak Factor of the Darkness.  This was the first touchless tunnel car wash I have been through.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surfing Games

What is a Surfing Game?

A Surfing Game is a web site that you can promote your favorite web pages like clicking games, youtube pages, blogs, etc.  The object of a surfing game is to surf random pages and collect points.

Sweeva is a Social Surfing game that everyone will see the same site at the same time.  You collect points by surfing and commenting on web pages.  This Surfing Game features EXP. If you collect enough EXP, you will level up and get new features added to your account.

Game Play

After you logged in you can start the game by clicking on Browse in the top right hand corner of the Intermission Screen.  When the game begins, you will look at a site for 30 seconds.  You can comment, and star other comments too.  Once the timer reaches Zero, you can rate the site with a Thumb's Up or Down on the lower right hand side of the page.

Don't Forget you can tweet each site too. You can Tweet up to 10 sites a day. Each site you browse is worth 1 EXP and Credit.  Once you  reach Level 70, you can rank up and your surfing values will increase.

Rank 1 = 1 - 1       Credits
Rank 2 = 1 - 1.2    Credits

Rank 3 = 1 - 1.3    Credits
Rank 4 = 1 - 1.?

If you surf 10 sites, you will get a daily bonus of 10 EXP.  If you surf 10 sites every day, your bonus will increase by 10 EXP per day. 

Day 1 = 10
Day 2 = 20
Day 3 = 30

Your bonus will increase if you surf each day convectively.  If you miss one day, your bonus will drop down to 10. 

Below is a listing of features you will earn as you collect EXP

Level 2: Your photo will now be shown when your site is being browsed!
Level 4: Members can now save your site for later!
Level 6: Members can now Tweet your site while browsing!
Level 8: Members can now Like your site on Facebook while browsing!
Level 12: You can now add custom text above the chat for your site!
Level 15: You can leave private notes on other member's profiles!
Level 20: Members will now see a link to your site details while browsing!
Level 25: Members can Skype you while browsing if you add it to your profile!
Level 30: Members will now see a link to your profile while browsing!
Level 40: You'll now earn DOUBLE the points for splash page views!
Level 43: Your IM Faceplate link shows on the Sweeva Bar!
Level 45: You can now add color to your Toolbar Titles!
Level 50: You can now add color to your chat messages!
Level 55: You can now add a background color to your Toolbar Titles!
Level 60: You can now add a background color to your chat messages!
Level 70: Rank Up 

Do not forget to promote the link above and tell your friends to play with you.  You will earn bonus points if your friends play with you.  If you have enough credits, you can use them to promote your favorite sites.

Surf Vo is a social Surfing game where you collect points for each page you view.  View 300 pages you will win a dime.  Refer your friends to SurVo to promote their favorite pages and surf.  Feel free to comment on pages and win bonus after commenting a certian amount of pages.

Game Play

The Game Play is similar to Sweeva.  The game play is simple, you will look at a web page for 20 seconds and you can comment, or Tweet the site too.  When the counter reaches zero, you must click like or dislike in order to view the next site. Surf 20 sites every day and get a daily bonus.  The bonuses could be credits or banner or text ad impressions.  Once you collect enough credits, you can promote your favorite pages, clicking games, etc.

Easy Hits For you is a Traffic Exchange site that you can surf web pages and win 30 Cents for surfing 1000 pages.  You win more money if you refer your friends to play.  You can surf and collect points to promote your favorite sites.

I found this surfing game on October, 16, 2010.  This is a rewarding surfing game because you can win bonus points while you play.  Sometimes during the game a black banner may show up and you must click on it and you can win 10 - 50 points.  There are other random games like Hang Man and Higher or Lower.  At the end of each day, you may win a few hundred points for surfing the most sites of the day in the Top 200 Clickers Contest. 

Let's Play the Game

Dan Weaver's Cash Machine
Closed on St Patrick's Day

The 3 Cash Machine has closed down forever on St. Patrick's Day, 2011
Check out the Surfing Game update for a new Click Bank Game called the Internet Money Report Viral Robot that has replaced the 3 Cash Machine.

Please read the Surfing Game Update Page

Happy Surfing.

PS. Do not forget to check out my Clicking Games Page and Clicking Game Update Page.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Freaky Stuff in the Car

What is Freaky in the car?

Everywhere you go, there is something out there to scare or freak you out.  The scary stuff in the car include Car Washes and Tunnels. 

The Car Wash

Why is the Car Wash Scary?  If you have been through an automatic car wash, you will know the common scary moments. 

1. The Darkness. 

Some of the older car washes were windowless and you cannot see outside.

2. The Brushes 

The sound of the cloth brushes whipping against the side of the car.

Car Wash Story of 1987

In 1987, I went to the Clean Plus Car Wash, 166 Davis Drive, Newmarket, Ontario for the first time.  The colour of the car wash at the time was a brown coloured brick building.  While approaching the tunnel, I did not know what this place is.  The blue curtain was swaying from side to side and the car slowly creeped towards the darkness.  Once I see the light at the end of the tunnel, the car was stuck for a moment in.  Alma said, "The car is having a bath."  I looked out the window, I thought the car was sitting inside a giant bath tub.  A few weeks later, I returned to the same car wash, and the Blue brushes gave a freak out.  Once I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I thought the same thing was going to happen again.  The car just exited the car wash.  Upon exiting the car wash for the second time the freak factor was reduced.

Shell Station , 166 Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON


Why are Tunnels Freaky?

Tunnels can be freaky because of the sudden change from light to dark.  You will be glad when you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  There are two freak Factors

Light Patterns and Colours

Many of the newer tunnels on highways feature the freaky Amber light.  Amber light creates a transition between the light outside to tunnel driving.

The enterance of the Liberty Tunnels in Pittsburgh PA features a freaky lighting pattern.  There are six rows of lights of the ceiling of the tube.  This picture belongs to Flickr usere Hemicuda82, Found at on September, 22,2010


The darkness is the main freak out factor of tunnels.

Steep Hill Sign

Why is the Steep Hill Sign freaky?

If you are driving around in an unknown area and you come to a Steep Hill sign, your stomach may cringe because there may be a tunnel at the base of the steep hill. 

Locations of Steep Hills

Robert Moses State Parkway (104), Lewston, NY

Interste 77, West Virginia.  There are several steep hills while travelling southbound towards the  Virginia Border.  The East River Tunnel marks the border between West Virgiinia and Virginia.