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Haunted Houses Vs Hell Houses, Please visit a haunt that is safe and trustworthy

The Legend of Hell House

Legend has it, Fundamentalist Christian Churches down in Southern U.S of A decided to take their own spin on haunted attractions. If you are crazy enough to visit Hell House, you will be in for a surprise.

What should you expect to see in a Haunted Attraction?

If you are familiar with haunted attractions like The Power House of Terror, or Screemers you should see beautiful zombies, clowns, ghosts, goblins. Their elements of scare include making noise and being unexpected.

This zombie emerging from behind a crate is one of the beauties of visiting a haunted attraction.

What is a Hell House?

A Hell House has the same features of a traditional haunted house including actors, props, etc.  One of the key differences is the element of the Scare.  These haunted attractions are run by fundamentalist Christians in the Bible Belt.  Within these haunts, the actors will portray scenes of violence, satanic rituals, drug use, homosexuality, etc.  Many Hell House attractions may contain scenes that are too graphic and disturbing.

Wikipedia's Definition,

"Hell houses are haunted attractions typically run by American, fundamentalist Christian churches or parachurch groups. These depict sin, the torments of the damned in Hell, and usually conclude with a depiction of heaven. They are most typically operated in the days preceding Halloween." (hell house - wikipedia)

Elements of Scare

The Elements of Scare are not your typical Power House of Terror Scares.  Each scene inside the Hell House, the actors will re-create scenes of reality and sin.  They will scare you so much because if you do not accept Christ you could go to hell in a Hand Basket.  Almost all of the scenes are very graphic and disturbing.  Did you know that the key person in each scene dies and goes to hell.  Towards the end of the maze, there are scenes that depict Heaven and Hell.  You may arrive at the Pearly Gates of Heaven and find out that you have been cast into hell.  Once you enter Hell, you will meet Satan himself.  Following the Scene of Hell you will enter a plain room which is known as the Decision Room.

The Decision Room

After getting through the Hell House, a church member or pastor will talk to the group and ask you the scariest question ever.  "Where do you think you are going when you die?"  This question is a major thinker because many people who went through the haunt are very unsure.  The pastor may give you a 10 seconds to proceed to the next room where prayer councilors will talk to you 1 on 1 and accept Christ into your life.

Can you Chicken out of a Hell House?

No Chickens Allowed, Cannot exit Hell House due to Safety Concerns
All traditional haunted attractions have fire exits to use in case of a fire.  If you are a chicken and you want to exit the Power House of Terror, a Rover will help you Chicken out. Unfortunately, a rover will not come to the rescue if you need to chicken out of a Hell House in Texas.  The reason you cannot chicken out of Hell House is a safety concern. Once you enter, you must go through the Hell Houseand listen to a brief fire and brimstone sermon at the exit.

My Conclusions

I rather visit the Power House of Terror, Screemers, or Erebus Haunted attractions because their Elements of Scare are just plain fun and games.  If I took my children to a Hell House thinking it was a traditional haunt, my children could be traumatized for a long time.  Children do not deserve to see botched abortions, people killed in car crashes, etc.

Going to a haunt this Halloween

Insidious is on the safe list because it is a part of the Power House of Terror.
 If you are going to a haunt, you better do the research before you go.  If the haunt is run by any church or religious organization, you better steer clear of it.  Make sure that the haunt you plan to visit is on the safe list before you venture out.

Haunt Safe List.

Southern Ontario

Power House of Terror


The US of A

Erebus, the Largest Haunted attraction in the World, Pontiac, MI

The Asylum Xperiment, Villa Park, IL

The Haunted house Online Directory,  This site features mainly haunts that are safe for your eyes.

Thank you for reading this piece Halloween Information and you will not get scarred by the disturbances of Hell House.  I rather be scared by a zombie or the Butcher in the Power House of Terror.

I rather be scared by this butcher than seeing a person shooting himself in a classroom.
You decide where you go on Halloween.


Further Information

If you like to learn more on Hell House, you should check out the documentary about a Hell House in Cedar Hill, Texas

Religious Tolerance article on Hell Houses / Judgment Houses

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Power House of Terror, Halloween Part 3

October 31, 2011, Happy Halloween

This is the closing night of the Power House of Terror.  After Halloween wraps up, it's time for uphill skiing and the Christmas Holidays.

This Half Scary, Half Non-Scary face gets in a car.  He is on his way to Much Music for the Final Push for Ticket Sales for the Power House of Terror

The Butcher of Quarantine Prison puts on his gloves.  He will be preparing eyeballs, arms, and other fresh meat for the zombies.

Would you like to Play a Game.  The Game Caller invites the guests of Carn Evil Manor to play a game and win one of these stuffed animals.  Unfortunatly, lot of carnival games, claw games are rigged.  Many carnival games do not pay out frequently or they do not make any money.

The Warden's office of Quarantine Prison.  Serious damage has been done to a fireproof cabnet.

The Police Land Rovers gather for the final pep talk with Lorn Andrews (founder of Power House of Terror)

The Actors all gather for Lorn Andrew's Final Pep Talk.

The Butcher is looking for some more fresh meat.  Click Here and listen to the Butcher's offer on meat

Lorn Andrews on the mic hyping up the volunteer actors before they hit the haunts for the final night of Scares and Screams.

Two Beautiful Zombies pose before they hit the haunt.  One of these beauties were in the Crates with me for the final night of screams.

Check out this beautiful zombie. 

A Power House of Terror Rep poses for the camera during an interview on closing night of Terror.

A Final shot of the Police Land Rovers who protected the actors and the props within all three attractions during the Power House of Terror.

A Power House of Terror Zombie emerges from the closet.

Zombie having a glass of choclate milk.  No more fresh meat for this zombie. 

A Zombie hiding behind some non scary movies.

This Zombie hides behind Grease, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Almost Famous.


If you are a fan of the Power House of Terror, Keep your ears to the Tracks to Charity Haunt dot CA for the Chilling Details for 2012. (Subject to Change)

If you want to Volunteer for Power House of Terror as a Zombie, Keep your ears to the Tracks for Audition / orientation information at Charity Haunt dot CA / Volunteers (Subject to Change)

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Beautiful zombies

A Beautiful Zombie in line for the film War of the Dead.

This zombie's face has a beautiful yellow tinge. 

Beauty from the Power House of Terror

The Power House of Terror had an attraction featuring beautiful zombies you can admire when you visit.  If you were brave to get through Quarantine, You would remember seeing these beauties.

A zombie like doctor

She is the sweetest zombie you would ever see inside the Power House of Terror, of 2011.

 Watch out for the lumber jacks between Insidous and Carn Evil Manor.  This zombie loves to cut firewood.

Power House of Terror Zombie poses in the photo booth after an evening of scares.

This zombie is so pretty.  The teeth and the blood dripping down her face is beautiful.

A pretty zombie poses outside the Power House of Terror

A close-up of this beauty.  One side of her face is all bloody.

Two beauties pose during the closing ceremony of the Power House of Terror.

This zombie is so beautiful. 

This zombie in Quarantine emerges from behind a wooden crate.  If you visited the Power House of Terror on Octorber 21, 23, 27, 28, 30, or 31, you will remember seeing this one.   Someone who passed through on October 30th said that I was the cutest looking zombie she ever seen.

If you love zombies,  keep your ears to the tracks for more zombie postings for Zombie Walk of 2012.

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Zombies are Cute

Zombies are Cute, 2011

Zombies are Beautiful

Zombies are Beautiful A follow up on Zombies are Cute

Zombies are very beautiful to look at.  Here are some more great pictures of beautiful looking zombies from the Toronto Zombie Walk of 2011.

A Zombie from the Power House of Terror poses in a photo booth along the Zombie Walk Route.

Dosn't this guy look beautiful.  The blood dripping down his face.

An ape-like zombie appears on the Zombie Walk.

A bunch of Zombie nurses pose in front of the Bovine Club on Queen Street West

She is so beautiful.  Her white face wants to give her a kiss.   Your stomach will love the blood dripping down her mouth and onto her shirt.

She is so sweet.

Look at this beauty. Your Stomach will love it.

You could have met this clown in Carn Evil Manor.

Two Beauties having some lunch along the Zombie Walk route

A shirtless zombie.  Your stomach will love this.

Can you Stomach this picture

This zombie looks beautiful.  The Blood dripping down his mouth and onto his shirt.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks for more great photos of zombies of 2011.  Zombies are beautiful and cute.  Never shoot a zombie in the head.

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Zombies are Cute

Zombies are Cute, 2011

More Beautiful Zombies

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Power House of Terror, Halloween Part 2

Over the Halloween Weekend, I was a beautiful zombie within the walls of Quarantine Haunted House at the Power house of Terror.  Here are some more great photos during the Halloween Excursion to the Power House of Terror

Double Zombie Poses in the Make-Up / Costume Trailer

The General Rules for all visitors who enter the walls of the Power House of Terror. 

One of the Quarantine Zombies poses next to the General Rules sign at the enterance to Quarantine Prison.  Please do not touch the props and monsters and they will not touch you.  No Photography and Cell Phone Cameras.

Passing through the deep jungle.  Watch out for snakes, and zombies.

Emerging from the Jungle into the light.

She looks so pretty with the half white, half red face.

You can see the beautiful details all thanks to a make-up artist.

A delicacy of Quarantine Prison Cafetera.

Quarantine zombie makes a great scare.

Visit CarnEvil Manor and win a stuffed animal.

The Bull Pen like Cells within Quarantine Prison can hold up to 10 people

A downed zombie sits in a wheelchair inside a shack deep within the jungle.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks for more great photos of the Power house of Terror.

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