Friday, May 24, 2013

Fifth Anniversary of Evil Dead the Musical 10 and memories.

Happy 5th Anniversary of Evil Dead the Musical Viewing #10
Today, May 24, 2013 marks the 5th anniversary of my fifth Viewing of Evil Dead the Muscial at the Diesel Playhouse. On this Day, I sat in Splatter Zone 2 B, Seat #5.

Mr Creepy holds onto my Evil Dead Ticket unitl it's time to board the bus to the Diesel Playhouse
The Journey To Evil Dead the Musical

Let's take a moment to watch this short film.  This film will take you in my footsteps from the Barrie Transit Terminal to the Diesel Playhouse onboard a Greyhound Bus.

The Tour of The Diesel Playhouse Bar

Now let's take a tour of the upper level of the Diesel Playhouse.  This is what the Diesel Playhouse looked like back on the 24th of May of 2008.  This tour was filmed with the Shakes of Excitement.

The Bar is where food, drink and popcorn can be purchased before the show.  We will remember these great memories of the Diesel Playhouse.

This is the post show Splatter Result after Evil Dead the Musical Viewing #10.

Do not forget that Evil Dead the Musical is now Playing at the V Theatre in Las Vagas.