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Memories of Being a Theatre Volunteer, Page 3

More Great Memories of Being a volunteer at the Theatre

2013, A Year to be Crazy for You

2013 is the year to walk The Nine Mile Portage, See Romeo and Juliet, Go Crazy For You,and William Shakespeare and friends told Robert Munsch Stories to the children in Munsch Ado About Nothing.

My 2013 volunteer journey started at Heritage Park for the performance of Romeo And Juliet, 50's style.  This production was set in the 1950's  most of the cast had their own miniature car to drive on and off stage.  The main set piece was an antique gas pump which was featured in the 2007 production of Pump Boys and Dinettes.

Romeo (Ryan Bommarito) arrives in style!

Photo Credit to Jennifer Klementii
Moments to remember from Romeo And Juliet,  There was a scene where everyone is dancing to Let's all Go to the Hop.  Micheal Rawley also paid a visit to Barrie for the performance.  Part way through the run,  The Pump Boys Shell Gas Pump disappeared from the set and replaced by a garbage barrel.

Let's go to the Hop!

Photo Credit to Jennifer Klementii
Iv'e got the Rhythm and Music in Theatre By the Bay's Main Company production of Crazy For You.  The songs from this performance will be stuck in your head as you singing them as you walk out of the theatre.  I retained my usual duty of handing out programs and letting people know that food and drink is not permitted in the auditorium.

This performance had some great moments.  I loved the Act 1 Finale because there was so much to cheer for.  You will never forget that moment when someone pulls out a hammer and starts banging the steps.

Rhythmic interlude in Iv'e Got Rhythm
In Act 2, there was a line to memorize.  I've got Rhythem I've got Music, I've got such a head ache.  I watched this performance 13 times.

the children enjoyed 5 great Robert Munsch stories on stage in Munsch Ado About Nothing

2014, Year of the Angels

In June, 2014 the angels made an appearance before Theatre By The Bay brought the City of Angels into the Mady.

This season I volunteered and saw 4 performances including The 9 Mile Portage, Macbeth, City of Angels, and the Three Munschkateers.

Filmmaker Stine working on his film, City of Angels

Membrable lines from City of Angels

"If you are not Celabate, we could raise a Helibut"

"Greatest Performances of a husband in the Dark"

2015, The year to Like It