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Horror Movies I watched part II


In 1997, I moved into a new house and I had cable TV and I was able to watch some scary movies like Kiss of the Vampire, Frankenstein, and more. 

Movies I watched in 1997 -1999

Kiss of the Vampire

This was the first vampire movie I watched on Cable TV.  I was interested in seeing this movie because the poster looked very interesting.  I found out about this title when I found a picture of the poster in a book called "Essential Dracula" by Clare Haworth-Maden. 

Vampire Circus, 1972

This is another movie I was interested after reading the "Essential Dracula" book.  The book featured a gory scene from this movie and when I saw the title listed in the TV Guide, I wanted to watch it.  This movie is about a travelling circus with vampires.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, 1969

I watched this movie when I found the movie listed in the TV guide.  I stayed up until midnight to watch it.  I found out about the title whan I read a book called "Horror Movies, the Movie Treasury" by Allen G Frank.

Dracula, 1979

I saw this movie when I found this movie to be listed for the Space channel midnight horror movie.  I stayed up to watch it.  I watched it a few times when I saw it listed on the TV guide.  The first time I watched it, I got pretty tired and shut the movie off to get some sleep.  When I got the opportunity to see it again, I watched it.

Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984

This is the first 1980's horror flick I watched and I got pretty scared when I watched it the first time.  In 1999, I got an opportunity to see this movie on the Big Screen at Innisdale Secondary School's Little Theatre.  The movie was screened over two days which gives the viewers a break to reduce the Nightmare Factor at night.  There were a few disturbing moments like knife wounds suddenly appearing out of nowhere, Tounge poping out of an unplugged telephone, and a Fountain of Blood.  After watching this movie, I watned to watch the rest of the series.  This movie's Major Fear Factor is a chance of Nightmares because the plot says freddy attacks you in your dreams and encourages you to stay up all night and never fall asleep.

Whatever you do, Don't Fall Asleep.

Other Nightmare On Elm Street Movies I rented from Video 99 or Video Flicks

In 1999, after I watched the first Nightmare on Elm Street on the Big Screen at Innisdale Secondary School, I got interested in watching a few more Freddy Krueger movies.

Freddy's Revenge

In November, I watched the second installment of A Nightmare on Elm Street.  This movie is less scary than the first one.  I held a screening of this movie at my 17th birthday party in the garage at my house.

Dream Warriors

The Dream Warriors is the third installment of Nightmare on Elm Street.   I rented these movies in succession.  When I took back one movie, I got the next one in the series.  This movie is about the reisdents who lived on Elm Street, checking into a mental health centre in concern of their reoccuring nightmares.  They get together and take on Freddy Krueger.

The Dream Master

This is the fourth installment of Nightmare on Elm Street.  I watched this movie in November, 1999.  This movie has a few freak out moments like a shattering window transition and more.

Dream Child, It's a Boy!

This is the last Nightmare on Elm Street movie I rented from Video Flicks.  I got this movie and watched it the night before a school dance.  I freaked out when I saw the background turn into a freaky membrane tunnel.  I literelly Jumped.

2000 and onwards

In 2000, The next series of horror movies I watched included Hellraiser and Friday the 13th, A New Beginning and Jason Takes Manhatton.  These movies were purchased from the Hock Shop in Barrie.  I have got a few VHS Tapes there.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Classic Horror Movies I love

When Did I get into Horror Movies?

In October, 1993, The Sci Fi Channel had a Classic Monsters Month.  I got interested in the old black and white horror flicks like Dracula, Frankenstein, and Wolf Man.  During this month-long Halloween I watched parts of each movie and slowly got interested in horror movies. 

On Christmas, 1993, My Grandfather got me a my first Dracula movie entitled "Love at First Bite."  I put the movie on and watched it through and enjoyed it.  In this film, Count Dracula and Renfied had been forced out of their Transylvainan home by the Rominian Government.

In February of 1994, the Sci Fi Channel held a Boris Karloff week that featured five differnt horror movies like Corridors of Blood, The Invisible Ray, and Frankenstein to close the week.  Frankenstein was the first horror movie I watched fully without getting frightened.  I found that theses older movies more tame than the horror flicks that came out at the current times.  Upon conclusion of the Boris Karloff Week, The Sci Fi Channel was silenced and I would have to pay to get the sound restored to the channel.

Horror Movies, I Rented at Jumbo Video or Watched.

Dracula, 1931

In November 1994, My grandfather rented Dracula, 1931 and I watched it through without getting afraid.  Once I watched this movie through, I enjoyed this movie.  My favorite scenes in this movie are the close up shots of Dracula's face.

Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (AKA Flesh for Frankenstein)

On December 3, 1994, I picked up Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (Flesh for Frankenstein) from the horror section of Jumbo Video.  Once I poped the video in, I watched the film intermitently.  20 minutes into the movie, my grandfather stopped the movie and told me that this movie was an adult film because it contained sexual content.  At the time I wanted to look at it, I did not realize it contained adult material. 

The Bride of Frankenstein
On December 11, 1994, I picked up Bride of Frankenstein from the Horror Section of Jumbo Video.  This horror movie was the third horror movie I have watched through without getting scared.  This movie was featured during the Frankenstein week of Classic Monsters Month of 1993. 

Count Dracula 1970On December 18, 1994 I picked up Count Dracula from the Horror Section at Jumbo Video.  This was the first colour horror flick I rented from the horror section.  I watched this movie through and I got afraid once.  I wanted to watch it again after it went back to the store.  My favorite moment was when Van Helsing was driving a stake through one of the brides of Dracula and he gets sprayed with blood.

Frankenstein, 1931
On December 24, 1994, I got Frankenstein from the Horror Section in Jumbo Video.  This was the fifth horror flick I rented from the horror section.  I have watched it once before when it was aired during Boris Karloff week.  I had the movie until Boxing day because the video store was closed on Christmas Day.  When this movie went back, I did not rent any more horror flicks.

Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992

In February, 1994, I got Bram Stoker's Dracula as a late Christmas gift.  I bugged my grandfather to get me this movie.  He said that I will not be getting it this year.  When I visited Alama, I got my belated Christmas gifts and I finally got what I wanted.  I watched parts of the movie each day before school and there were a few moments that frightened me.  When I got frightened, I stopped the movie and watched more of it the next day.  Once I watched it through once, my favorite moment was Driving the stake through Lucy's Heart. 

When I got this video, I took the video cover to school and my teachers told me it was unsuitable for the classroom.  My teacher took it away for a day and held it under the tape dispencer overnight and I got it back the next day.

Lady Frankenstein

In February 1994, I watched Lady Frankenstien on an adult channel.  This channel played Troma movies and more.  When I discovered that this was a Frankenstein movie, I popped a VHS into the VCR and Recorded it through.  I watched this movie intermittently until I had to go to bed.  The next day, I scanned through the movie and watched parts of the movie that interested me. 


I started to enjoy horror movies like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man because they are the classics.  I was introudced to the Classic Horror Genre in 1993 when my Grandfather watched the classic horror movies on the Sci Fi Channel.  Aftr the silencing of the Sci Fi Channel, I had a long spell without watching Dracula until  November 1994 and than rented a few horror movies from Jumbo Video.  After a few video store rentals, I had another long spell of not watching my favorite movies until 1997 when I got cable TV with some channels that showed scary movies.

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The Coca Cola Contest, Look under the Tab

In 1993, my brother got into another contest that he could win a million dollars by spelling "COCA COLA" with pop can tabs.  When you look under the tab, there is a letter engraved.  If you win a free can of pop, the tab will have the word "CAN" engraved.  There are also cash instant prizes that have a number engraved on the tab.

During this contest, my brother started bugging my Grandfather to buy a can of coca cola at the convience store every day.  Before I jumped on the bandwagon, my brother has won $2.00 - $5.00  in this contest.  The outcome was the same as the chips contest the previous year.  I aways get the same letters and when the contest closed at the beginning of the new school year.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Lays Chips Contest

In the Summer of 1992, Me and my brother bugged my grandfather to pick up a small bag of chips every day because there was a contest where I could win a Game Boy, SNES, Yoshie, or Metroid II: Return of Samus.  Inside each bag of chips there is a red ticket that features a half or quarter of a picture of the prize.  In order to win, you must collect all the tickets to complete the picture.

To Win the SNES you must find four tickets in bags of chips because the picture of the SNES is broken into four quarters.  If you want to win a Game Boy, you must find three tickets that feature the top, middle, and the bottom of the Game Boy.  If you want to win either Yoshi for the NES or Metroid II: Return of Samus, you must find both halves of the picture.  If you manage to get the pictures complete, you must send in the pictures and answer the skill testing question in order to claim your prize.  My brother figured out the skill testing question and he told me that the answer is 9.

My brother was wanting to win a SNES, and I jumped on the band wagon with buying a bag of chips every day while driving around looking at jobs with my Grandfather.  I was very unlucky with this contest because I got the same tickets in differnt bags.  The face of the chip bags featured a picture of Mario riding on Yoshi from Super Mario World.

In the fall of 1992, the contest closed and I gave up.  In the following summer there was another contest where I could win a million dollars.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

New Youtube Video Update

I have posted a few new videos that you may enjoy.

Go Train Ride October 13, 2010

Long Branch to Mimico

Mimico to Union

The Strobe Light Show

More Videos will be posted here as I upload them.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

SNES Games I Rented

In 1995, I got a SNES for Christmas from my Grandfather.  The NES was going out of date and the last game for the NES was Wario's Woods.  There were some great RPGs that I wanted to try out like 7th Saga and Final Fantasy III.  Between 1996 - 1998, I rented many RPG games.  I will run them down here.

7th Saga Rented three times

This is the first RPG game I ever played on the SNES besides Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past.  I loved this game beacuse it had great music.  My favorite music track is the dungeon theme and the various town themes.  I played this game with my brother and successfully finished this game.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

This is the second RPG game I ever rented on the SNES.  I was interested in this title because of the title Final Fantasy.  Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is an easier RPG compared to the other Final Fantasy titles.  My favorite tracks from this game are Doom Castle, Focus Tower, and the Final Boss themes.

Final Fantasy III

I rented this title because I saw interesting pictures of this game in an issue of Nintendo Power magazine in 1996.  I rented this game a few times and I did not finish it.  When I rented it for the second time, My Grandfather was in the hospital for two weeks.

Secret Of Mana

I rented this game at the same time my brother rented Utopia.  I played this game and mainly explored the levels on a previous played file.  There were great soundtracks.  My favorite was the Grand Palace theme.
Final Fantasy II

My brother rented Final Fantasy II.  I played this game with my brother and successfuly finish this game over a two week rental period.  This game had a great soundtrack.  My favorite themes were Baron Castle, Dwarf Castle, and more.

Secret of Evermore

I rented this game in June 1996.  This game was similar to Secret of Mana because of the circular menu screen.  When I was playing this game and exploring levels on a previous played file, I managed to lose the Windwalker and not able to fly to other parts of the world map.  This game had a great soundtrack.  I loved the Great Pyramid theme.


This was the first Temper Tantrum Game I ever played.  Why is it a Temper Tantrum Game?  In this game, there were many traps like spikes, moving platforms etc.  If I miss a moving platform by an inch, I would fall onto a bed of spikes and here the most annoying dying sound.  The dying sound sounds like someone crying.  Everytime I heard that sound, I growned or took a temper tantrum.

Illusion of Gaia

This is the first game I rented from a Block Buster Video in Keswick.  I declare this game a One-Way game.  When you clear some levels, you may not be able to return to previous visited places anymore.  There was great game play, music, and more.  I started playing this game at the last level and finished the game on one play because I did not know that the Tower of Babel was the final level of the game.

Soul Blazer

My brother rented this game while I was visiting a friend.  When I got home, I found my brother playing a good adventure RPG game.  When I just started watching my brother play, my Grandfather told me it was time to shut the game down for the night and go to bed because I had to go to school the next day.  When I got home from school, I wanted to play this game, I hurried up and put the game on and explored the game.  This game had great music to enjoy.


I rented this game in the fall of 1996 from Blockbuster Video.  This game had several great tracks to enjoy.  My favorite tracks from this game is the Elf Field, Ice Cave, and Lagoon Castle.  This game had some temper tantrum spots because of hard to clear gaps and difficult boss battles.  This game is a One-Way Game because there are parts of the game you cannot return to once you pass.  For example, you cannot return to Atland once you arrive in the Elf Field.  The second One-Way spot is the Clouds and Lagoon Castle.  Once you are on the clouds stage or Lagoon Catle, you cannot return to the Ice Cave and Lialty

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom

This is a great game I have played.  The game play is very quick in the towns and places where there no battles.  On the World Map, play control is very slow.  This game has some great soundtracks.  I love the castle, tower, and the Fortress of Doom themes.
Chrono Trigger

This rpg game was very difficult to rent because it was out every time I tried to get it.  every time it was out, I had to look for another good game to pick.  The Newmarket Blockbuster Video had a limited selection of RPG games on the shelf.  The most popular RPG games were always out.  Once I finally got my hands on the game, I was happy to play it.  This game had great soundtracks and it was a two-way game.  The only parts of the game that you cannot return to once it's clear is the Tryno Palace in the Prehistoric Age, Ocean Palace in the Dark Ages, Guardia Castle Dungeons in the Present, and the Black Omen once it's cleared.  You can keep the Black Omen accessable in the Middle Ages or Dark Ages if you clear it in the Present Age.  My favorite themes in this game is Chrono's theme, Guardia Castle, Zeal Palace, Frog's Theme, and many more.

Lufia II, The Rise of the Sinistrals

I rented this game at Jumbo video and I had it for six days.  I loved this game because it had great music and ameplay.  My favorite music themes was The village of Narvick, Sealed Tower, Castle, and Mountain Theme.  When I took the game back, I thought it was a weekly rental, I was charged extra and my grandfahter did not rent me another game that week.


In December 1996, I rented Earthbound from Blockbuster Video.  This is a unique RPG because it involves the use of an ATM to withdraw or deposit funds.  It's set in a modern like age.  There are some great sound tracks to listen to.  My favorite themes is the town of Onnett, and Winters.  This game final level is the only One-Way zone.  Once you get the time machine working, you are able to access the final level.  Once you enter the final level, you are unable to return until you clear the level and finish the game. 


I rented Brandish at Jumbo Video in Newmarket.  This game interested me because I saw pictures and tips in an issue of Nintendo Power Magazine.  I found the music interesting.  My favorite themes were the Tower, and Fortress.


I rented this game at Bandito Video in Barrie.  I played this game and I had a hard time getting anywhere.  The Stamina guage decreases as I played.  Once either the health or stamina gauge hits ZERO, the game is over.  you can save this game anywhere.

Dungeon Master

I rented Dungeon Master from Video 99 in Innisfil Beach.  I managed to play this game until I my stamina gauages in my players hit Zero.  Once either the life or stamina guage hits ZERO, the player is Dead.  The stamina potions will give some stamina and it will drop very quickly.  The important thing in this game is to feed your players food and water.  This game has some great tracks to listen to.  my favorite theme is the Hall of Champions.

These game were the games that I wanted to play.  Sometimes my brother may rent boring games like Sim City, Rampart, or Monolopy.  Boring games may be good for a few hours and I want a change.

More will be listed as soon as I remember,

Keep your ears to the Tracks.

The Hotels I stayed in Page III

In 1993 - 1995, I stayed in a Red Roof Inn in Willimasville, NY, Econo Lodge in Williamsville, NY, Days INN, Niagara Falls,ON ,and Master Hosts Inn, Niagara Falls, ON  I have stayed in the Summit Motor INN and the Lockport INN a few more times.

Red Roof INN, Williamsville, NY

In the fall of 1992, my grandfather took me to the Red Roof Inn in Williamsville, NY.  This hotel is off Interstate 90 and Transit Road.  The room was the usual two bed room with a heater.  All of the Red Roof Inns I stayed in did not have a swimming pool to have fun in.  At these hotels, I just ran around the building on both floors.  I have stayed in this hotel twice.

Red Roof Inn, Richmond VA

In March of 1993, my Grandfather took me to another Red Roof Inn in Richmond, VA en-route to Myrtle Beach.  When I checked in, it was a late evening and we slept the night and headed to Myrtle Beach early the next morning

Poindexter Hotel, Myrtle Beach, SC

In March 1993, My Grandfather stayed in the Poindexter Hotel in Myrtle Beach.  When I arrived in Myrtle Beach, I was caught in the Storm of the Century. The entire week while I was at Myrtle Beach, the weather was cold that you would need a spring jacket.  I went to Treasure Island for a game of mini golf and visited Maze Mania.  This hotel had four buildings.  I was in the Dunes, that was the fourth building.  The building was the third Breezeway hotel I ever stayed in.

I enjoyed Maze Mania because it was the first life size maze I visited.  The object of the maze is to find the cheese and exit the maze within the time limit.  When you start the maze, you will punch your time card, enter the maze, find the Cheese and punch it, Find the exit of the maze, and Punch out.  If you beat the posted time, you will win a free T-shirt.  People can play the maze as many times through the day as you wish.  If you been to Maze Mania several times, the maze is changed daily.

Econo Lodge, Williamsville, NY

In 1993, I stayed in the Econo Lodge in Williamsville, NY.  This was the only hotel room that had three beds.  I was very happy about this hotel room rental because I had my own bed for the night. 

Days INN, Niagara Falls, ON

In 1994, my Grandfather decided to stay on the Canadian Side for a weekend excursion the the USA because of the Canadian Dollare was falling.  There are two Days inn hotels in Niagara Falls,  This hotel is located on Victoria Ave.  The hotel room was across the hall from the elevator and it featured floor to ceiling windows.  During this trip I went to Smokin Joes to get gas, and shopping on Military Road.

Master Hosts INN, Niagara Falls, ON

In March 1994, my grandfather took a March Break weekend to Niagara Falls.  The Master Hosts Inn was loctated on Clifton Hill and Oneida Lane.  The hotel room was on the second floor and it overlooked a giant Castle Dracula Sign

The hotel featured a cold swimming pool on the third floor and it overlooked Castle Dracula too.  The Castle Dracula sign was my favorite thing that I looked at over the three day stay at Master Hosts Inn.  The hotel offered free admission tickets to five Clifton Hill Attractions including the House of Frankenstein, Haunted House, Fun House, Adventure Dome, Genesis World Records Museum.  At the time, I did not want to go into House of Frankenstein, Haunted House, and the Fun House.  My Grandfather took me in to the Adventure Dome because it was not scary.  The Adventure Dome film takes you on a roller coaster, street car in San Francisco, and a freeway at Breakneck Speeds.  The film ends with a scary crash which scared the living daylights out of me.  On the second day, My grandfather took me to USA for some shopping along Military Road at Hills, Tops, and K Mart.  I did get to take a dip into the the third floor swimming pool and I complained that it was way too cold.

Days INN, Niagara Falls, ON

March 1995,  This was the last hotel trip my Grandfather took me on before getting a truck camper in the summer.  This is the second Days Inn in Niagara Falls I stayed in.  This hotel is located on Stanley Ave and Murrey Hill.  The hotel was a 15 storey highrise and I loved running up and down the stairs in this tall building.  My brother raced me up and down in the elevator while I was in the stairwell.  Over the weekend, I got a telephone call form the office because of the elevators were being tied up with my brother racing me in the stairway.  The swimming pool was warmer than the Master Hosts Pool and I was able to enjoy it.

On this trip I visitied the Niagara Falls Museum, Minolota Tower Centre, and the Skylon Arcade.

In the Skylon Arcade, I stumbled upon this game where the person is strapped in.  I only seen this game once.  I was attracted to this game because you are strapped in while it moves 360 degrees while you are playing. 


The Holidays my Grandfather took me on were quite memorale.  I enjoyed looking at a Castle Dracula sign at Master Hosts Inn, visiting Maze Mainia in Myrtle Beach, and the good old driving around and visiting random places like Ohio Caverns.  The best hotel for a warm swimming pool is the Summit Motor Inn in Niagara Falls, NY.  The Summit Motor INN was the hotel I stayed in the most.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hotels I have Stayed in Page II

In the Previous page of Hotels I stayed in, I stayed in Michaels Inn, Parkway INN, and many more.  In 1991 - 1995, I have stayed in hotels like the Red Roof Inn, Days Inn, Microtel, etc.

Drew's Esquire Motel

In 1991, my Grandfather took me to this motel twice.  This motel is located on Niagara Falls Blvd, in North Tonawanda, NY. I was very lucky because we got room #7 both times.  Inside the room, there were a pair of tickets that read" Free, To Heaven" on the top line.  This motel had an outdoor pool and the Wheatfield Animal Hospital is a short drive west of the motel.  On the second stay at this motel, my Grandfather picked up Mega Man 3 at K Mart.

Red Roof Inn, Dearborn MI

This is the second Red Roof Inn I stayed at with my Grandfather.  During this trip, My grandfather took me to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum.  In the Henry Ford Museum, there was an interesting chair that looked like a Dental Chair.  During this trip, I went for an elevator ride in a nearby department store.

Days Inn, Dayton OH

In July 1991, My grandfather took me on a roadtrip to Ohio and we landed at this Days Inn in the north end of Dayton Ohio.  The hotel is located off I 75.  During the stay at this hotel, I went to the US National Air Force Museum for the day.  In the evening, my grandfather took me north on I 75 to Tip City and Troy to do some shopping.  In Troy, OH, My grandfather took me to a Wal-Mart and I looked at some movies in the electronics section.  I found the movie Total Recall, a movie I dread to watch.  I looked at the left side of the video cover and my stomach cringed because of this picture below.

After staying at the Days INN in Ohio, My grandfather took me to the Ohio Caverns.  The Ohio Caverns is my first cave trip I took with my grandfather.

Knights INN

Following the trip to Ohio Caverns, we stayed one more night in the USA at a Knight Inn in the north end of Detroit MI.  The hotel room featured fancy stained wood ceiling beams.  In this hotel room, I watched a Super Mario Bros 3 cartoon and Captian N for the first time.

Microtel INN, WIlliamsville, NY

In January 1992, my Grandfather took me to the Microtel in Cheektowaga, NY.  This hotel was quite unique with a bunk bed on the window sill.  The television in the hotel room was suspended from the ceiling by the window.  When I stayed in this hotel for the first time, I left behind a copy of Nintendo Power Magazine, Vol 32 in the room before returning to Canada. 

Family INN, Knoxville, TN

In March, 1992, My Grandfather stopped for the night at the Family Inn in Knoxville, TN  This was a standard two bed room with bath.  There was not much to say about it.

Condo Rental, Orlando FL

In March, 1992, My Grandfather took me to Florida for March Break.  I was looking forward to this trip because I wanted to see Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida.  I stayed for a week in a Condo that features a full kitchen, and two bedrooms.  The advantage of this place was that I did not have to worry about sleeping with the TV on.  The Condo rental was located off of Route 441 south of Interstate 4.  I visited places like the Florida Mall, Gatorland, and the Kennedy Space Centre.  Overall, this was the best place I ever stayed with my Grandfather.


In 1992 - 1995, I stayed in the Summit Motor Inn, Lockport Inn, and the regular hotels I have stayed at in New York State.  In March, 1993, I took one more trip to Myrtle Beach, SC and in July 1995, I took a trip to Chattanooga TN to see Ruby Falls and did lots of driving around.  These stories will be coming soon.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Hotels I stayed in

During my childhood, My Grandfather took me to interesting places like Niagara Falls, Myrtle Beach, and Orlando Florida.  This is a partial list of the Hotels and Motels I stayed in on my trips.

Micheals Inn

Niagarara Falls ,ON

In December 1986, I stayed in the Micheals Inn on the north side of the Rainbow Bridge.  When I stayed in this hotel, I went to Clifton Hill for the first time.  My Grandfather took me inside a wax museum where it was dark and there was thunder and lightining.  My Grandfather took me out because I had a Freak Out due to the thunder.  This was the first hotel that the swimming pool and our room was on the same floor and there was no elevator ride.  The swimming pool was inside a greenhouse.

Parkway Inn

St. Catharines, ON

In 1989, I went to the Parkway Inn in St. Catharines, Ontario for March Break.  This hotel had an indoor pool which was cold and a bowling alley.  The hotel room was on the fourth floor and it overlooked a Sunoco Carwash.

Envoy Motor Inn, 102 Niagara Street, Niagara Falls, NY

In Auguest, 1989, My Grandfather took me to the USA for the first time.  The Enoy was located on Niagara Street.  This hotel was a small two storey building and it had a bar in the basement with a spiral stairway.  This was the first spiral stairway I been on.  In the mid 1990's the hotel burned down.

Ramada Inn, Bekeley, WV

In 1990, En-Route to Myrtle Beach, My Grandfather took took me to a Ramada Inn in Bekeley, WV for the night.  This was my first time taking an extened holiday in the USA.  In the evening, My Grandfather took me to the Crossroads Shopping Centre for an evening of window shopping.

Green Briar Hotel, Myrtle Beach, SC

In 1990, My grandfather decided to stay in this hotel.  This hotel had a nice warm swimming pool and a breezeway elevator.  The hotel room was on the third floor and across the hall from the Elevator.  During this holiday, my grandfather took me mini golfing at four mini putt courses like Mobey Dick, Treasure Island, and Rainbow Falls.  I had a lot of fun at these intersting mini golf courses because they featured tunnels, caves, and other themes.

Holiday Inn,

In 1990, My Grandfather took me to a Holiday Inn on the drive home and it had an elevator with a white interior.  This hotel was seen from the highway.  That is all I Rekall.

Holiday Inn, Kalamazoo, MI

In September, 1990, My Grandfather took me to the Holiday Inn in the east end of Kalamazoo, MI.  This hotel has a warm indoor pool that I could swim in for hours.   During the stay at this hotel, my Grandfather took me to a Bob Even's Restaurant for dinner and the service was slow.  By the time I got out of there it was 10:18 at night.

Summit Motor Inn, 9500
Niagara Falls Blvd, Naiagar Falls, NY

In 1991, My Grandfather took me to the Summit Motor Inn on Niagara Falls Blvd.  This hotel featured a nice indoor pool to enjoy for hours.  I have stayed in this hotel several times on shopping trips to the USA.  The hotel's arcade had a game called Shooting Master that I have played.  I kept getting killed.

Lockport Inn,

This is the first Best Western Hotel I ever stayed in.  This hotel is located on Transit Road in Lockport, NY.  This is the first hotel that my aunt rented a NES.  With the NES rental, the hotel provided five games to play including Mega Man 2, Xeyez, Road Blasters, Friday the 13th, and Skate or Die.  My aunt bought Dr Mario during that trip and played it on the rented NES.  This hotel featured in indoor pool which I found cold.  On one occasion during a stay in this hotel, Me and my brother Ed, raced each other with the elevator.  I run up and down the stairs by the front desk.  Below the stairs was a locked display case.  The hotel clerk told me that I will never return to Canada if I happen to slip and fall through the stairs into the display case.

Court Capri, Myrtle Beach, SC

In 1991, My grandfather took me to the Court Capri Hotel in Myrtle Beach SC.  This hotel had two buildings.  There was the main building which housed the swimming pool and the office and a second building across the street.  When I stayed there, I was in the building across the street.  This is the second breezeway hotel I ever stayed in.  The hotel unit featured two bedrooms and a kitchen.  The indoor pool was great to enjoy and my grandfather got me swimming fins because I wanted some.  The swimming fins were very uncomfortable because they were too small. During this holiday, I went to a zoo and visited the shopping mall.

Comfort INN, Lockport, NY

In 1991, My grandfather and my aunt stayed in this hotel twice.  Both times I stayed in this hotel was because the Lockport INN was booked up.  During the first stay in this hotel, I inquired at the front desk about renting a NES, They had the same five games the Lockport Inn had.  My Grandfather opted out of renting a NES during holidays in the USA. 

Red Roof Inn

In the Spring of 1991, My Grandfather took me to a Red Roof Inn in Hamburg, NY.  The hotel is off the NY State Thruway (I 90). The hotel's main feature was the red shingled roof at the front of the building.  During the stay, my grandfahter got me pair of Super Mario PJs while on a shopping trip at the Mc Kinley Mall in Buffalo NY.  During my holidays with my Grandfather, I stayed in a few Red Roof Inns.

I will be blogging more about hotels again,

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