Friday, December 10, 2010

The BMC Parking Lot

In 2001 - 2002, I was a parking lot attendant for the Barrie Molson Centre for the Colts games, Old Timer's Games, and Concerts. 

When I had this job, I wore an orange and yellow traffic vest and operated a walki.  Around the BMC, there are multiple gates where people can enter the lot and park.  There were rules how the cars are supposed to be parked.  There lots were titled as the East Lot, Near North Lot, and the North Lot.  Only pass holders may park in the East and the Near North Lot.  The numbered spaces on the south side of the building are for people who have purchesed a box seat for the season.  The Near North Lot is assigned for pass holders, special guests, etc.  The North lot is for standard ticket holders.

How Long was the Shift?

If the hockey game starts at 7:30 PM, the shift will commence at 5:30 PM.  This means that shift begins 2 hours prior to the event starts and ends at 10:00 - 10:30 PM.  An average shift is four hours of standing in the cold.

Did I get to watch the Hockey game or concert once the cars are parked.?

No!  After First Intermission in a Hockey Game, people will take turns in walking the North Lot ensuring that nobody is causing trouble or breaking into cars.  When I was not walking in the North Lot, I would have to stand out in the cold at my assigned gate until the shift concludes.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Larry's Prison

The Plaza

Between 1997 - 2001, I used to work for Larry.  Larry owned a shopping centre in Alcona, Ontario.  This was my first job I ever had.  My Job details included sweeping up sidewalks, picking up scraps, and hauling garbage bags to the dumpster.  Occasionally, Larry would give me odd jobs to do around the plaza and the Bar for extra money.

1997 - 1998

In 1997, I was given this job for a short period of time between December 1997 - January 1998 tidying up the plaza on alternating days.  I would get paid $100.00 for one month's worth of work.

Job Rundown

I would pick up scraps around the plaza sidewalks and tidy up the Green Machine Room.  On Wedensdays, I would sweep up the sidewalks.  On Saturdays, I will do the rouitine plaza pick-up and than I would sweep and wash the apartment corridor and stairways.  In February, 1998, The job was handed to someone who lived in an apartment for awhile. 

2000 - 2001.

In March 2000, Larry gave me this job back and I had full responsiblity of keeping the plaza tidy.  I did the same jobs as I did in 1997.  Larry did not have me to the apartment corridor anymore.  During this time period I swept the sidewalks on Sundays and Wedensdays.  In the winter, I shovel and salt the sidewalks around the building. 


Extras are random jobs that Larry would throw at me and I will get paid extra for it.  Extras included mowing the lawns, helping Larry around the plaza, and vacuuming the pool hall.  When I complete my extras, I would have to log down my hours and tasks.

The Sign

Every Sunday, I would go out with a drill gun and a cup of screws to change letters on a portable sign.  When Larry changes the sign, he just grabs letters regardless of colour.  When I change the letters on the sign, I like to keep each section of the sign the same colour.

This sign reads like this:

Bedrock Presents

Fri & Sat

Ian Mitchel

Each weekend a new band plays at the Bedrock Tap and Grill.  They include, Ian Mitchell, Eric Kidd and Co, Bent, and the House Band known as the Bedrockers.  I got $5.00 for completing this task.
Larry's House

I had been to Larry's House to do some random tasks like sweeping the garage, mowing the lawn, and stripping paint off a boat.  I was at Larry's house four times in 2000. 

The first time I was at Larry's house doing work, I wanted to go the the Roxx Nightclub for a night of dancing.  On that day, Larry's friend picked me up from my father's friend's house and drove me up to Larry's house.  Througout the day, Larry had me doing random tasks around the garage.

In May, 2000 Larry picked me up and took me to his house and the first task was cutting the lawn in the backyard.  Lary had me cut the lawn by starting at the outside and working in a circle until I am in the centre of the lawn.  If I missed a spot on the lawn, I would have to re-mow that section of the lawn.  Other random tasks included power washing the sidewalk and sweeping dirt. 

In September, 2000, I was at working at Larry's house two days in a row.  Over the two days, I cut the lawn, did random tasks in the garage, sweep and shovel dirt, and strip paint in a boat.  I did not know that I was going to be working at Larry's house until I got a surprise phone call from Larry around 10:30 - 11:00 AM.

Why did I Call working for Larry, Larry's Prison?

When I did extras, I did not know how long Larry will keep me working there longer than I expected.  Some occasions, I did not get home until 9:30 - 10:00 PM.  I was quite worried that Larry would have me working until midnight or later.  Sometimes Larry would call me back to the plaza while I am on my way home to a last-minute extra.  When Larry needs me to do a few odd jobs, he will say that it will take an hour and it takes longer than I expected.

I did get out of the Floor Stripping job in September 2000.  Larry told me about the extra and I was would get paid extra for it.  While I was working at Larry's house, Larry was in conversation with another employee also working at the house about the Floor Stripping.  Larry was going to have me help strip the hardwood floor in the bar after the bar closed on a Sunday night.  I heard that it was going to be a late night job and I wanted to skip it. 

I got out of this extra because Barbara did not come home after working the bar.  I was relieved that she did not come home to bug me everyday. Once Barbara was out of the house,  I took a few extra courses at Innisdale High School and did my regular plaza chores afterwards.  When I was taking the bus to the plaza, I passed Larry's house and I got a chance to see if the Black Box (Larry's Ford Pick-Up) was in the driveway or not.  It the Black Box was in the Driveway, I did not have to worry about Larry throwing a random job at me. 

If Larry was at the plaza, the Black Box would park in the spot in front of the laundrumat beside the Pizza Pizza.

I left this job in May 2001 because of a surprise move out of Alcona.  Once I left Alcona, I am no longer in Larry's Reins of random Jobs.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Past On Stage Theatre Productions

Why did I get involved with On Stage Theatre?

In 2007, after watching Evil Dead the Musical six times.  I wanted to get involved with a local theatre company in Barrie.  I was surfing around the web and I stumbled across the On Stage Performance Group's page.  I thought about it over a little while and I decided to call the number and leave a message.  When I got a phone call back, I got my first auditon.  After completing this audition, I got an invite to the first script read through and I was given the part as a Footman.

Cinderella, Dec, 2007

This was my first full production I was in with a community theatre.  In this play, I had two parts.  In the first act, I was a horse of the Fairy Godmother pulling the Royal Coach that Cindrella to the Royal Ball.  In Act 2, I was Prince Charming's Footmen.  I got to dance the night away at the Royal Ball and than I found out that Cinderlla lost her slipper.

Aladdin, Dec, 2008

In December, 2008, I got a part as an executioner and a Mummy in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  As the Executioner,  I only had a few lines to say.  During the Executon, Abanazer casts a spell halting Aladdin's execution.

As the Mummy of the Great Pyramid, I layed down on the stage.

Music, Music, Music, March, 2010

In 2010, I got offered a part as Al Shendberg.  Al was the assistant director for the Wizard of OZ.  I came into the filming studio and Victor was mad because Judy Garland was not on set on time.  I had to tell Victor that Judy was in her dressing room with her mother.  Judy was upset becase the head of the studio told her that she was "Too Fat!"  When Judy enters the studio, Judy asks for a glass of water and Victor sends me off to get her a drink.  After she finishes her drink, I called everyone to be quiet and Judy sings her famous song Over the Rainbow

Christmas Cafe', Dec, 2010

This is the fourth production I was involved in.  I had two parts in this show.  My first part was Officer John.  I went to the cafe to grab a midnight donut.  When I got in the door, I discovered Clara and Fritz running around causing a big racket.  I decided to take them to the station and call their parents.  When I called their parents, they were very upset because Clara and Fritz left the house in the middle of the night. 

My second part was Christmas Yet to Come (Future).  I followed Christmas Past and Present into the wrong century and scared a family of three.  The father said that they were living in a Gold Mine and decied to call the Paranormal Investigators.  Tiny Tim was a football player who dropped out of practice.  His coach stormed into the cafe angry because he broke his contract.  Christmas Past gets up and sends everyone back to the right century.


I really like being involved with On Stage Theatre because they are a great group to perform with.  The auditions are not competitve and anyone who auditions will get a part according to their ability.  I Look Forward to being involved with upcoming productions that On Stage theatre has.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cafe' Trailer

The Christmas Cafe is Barrie's Best Show,

Check out this short Promo video and get a quick feel of the show.

Thank you for a great show. 

Upcoming Attractions by On Stage Theatre

1.  The Marquis Crossing Ladies First Attempt at Murder,  May/June 2011

2.  Dracula, The Vampire Bites Back, October, 2011

Keep your Ears to the Tracks at for audition information and ticket information

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Church and the G 12 Vision

The Big Church and the G12 Vision

Big Church is the only church in Barrie that follows the G 12 Vision.  If you have been attending Big Church or any other church that follows a similar format, be warned.

What does G 12 Stand for?

G 12 Means "Government of 12"

What is the G 12 Vision?

The G 12 was founded by Cesar Castellanos and the Big Church follows this doctrine. The G 12 Vision follows the example of Jesus who trained the 12 disciples in the Christian Faith. (G 12 Vision -- Wikipedia). This movement is all about formation and multiplication (G12 Vision-wikipedia).  The movement is all about formation and multiplication.

What is a Cell?

A cell is small group of 12 people within the congergation.  Most G 12 cells groups will meet on a weekly basis.  These groups regularly meet to share their relationships, experience spiritual formation and engauge activites with the Mission (Big Chruch).

Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

The G 12 Vision is almost like a pyramid scheme.  Once you become a member of a cell, you will be taught how to live your life and invite more people to come to church every sunday through evanglism.  Each cell member will take workshops and devote their time to the ministry. 

Once you join a cell group, you may be suggested to take part in the Encounter Weekend and leadership workshops within the church.  Once you have complete the workshops, you will have your own cell group of 12 people to teach to become leaders and help the church grow.

More People = $$$$$

The Ladder of Success

The  Ladder of success is based on the G 12 Vision and it's divided into four parts


Become Born again.  This means you have accepted Jesus as your personal lord and saviour.  Once you accepted this personal relationship, the Brainwashing Process Begins


The second stage involves your first series of workshops known as The Encounter.  This step is divided in to three parts.

1. The Pre Encounter workshop is a four part weekly series you take with the Encounter Leaders to get you prepared for the Encounter Retreat.

2. The Encounter Weekend is a retreat away from the distractions of everyday life.  These retreats are usually held at summer camps or retreat facilities.  In these weekend retreats, the Power of the Cross will break down barriers.

3. The Post Encounter is a 10-part workshop series you take upon completion of the Encounter Weekend.  in this workshop series, you will learn more about the G 12, the Bible, and how to live your life accordingly.


On the third rung of the Ladder, you will take a series of workshops known as the school of Leaders.  This workshop is divided into two parts.  Upon completion of the 24 workshops of the School of Leaders you will open your own cell.


This is the final step of the Ladder of success.  Once you have opened you own cell, you will do the Re-Encounter Retreat and one more workshop series called School of Leaders part II.  Upon completion of the final workshop series, you will gain support from your original cell (Leadership Cell) to help your own cell become leaders. 

The Math

The first cell will contain 12 people and the cell leader. Once the first cell completes the Ladder of Success, each cell member will become a leader of their own cell of 12 people.  The total number of people in the tweleve new cells will total 144 people.

Nets (Networks)

What is a Net?  A net is a group of cells including men's, woman's, and childerns cells.  These nets will meet on a weekly or a monthly basis. 

The Cell leaders may form teams to run Encounter and School of Leaders workshops of their own.  Some Teams may form their own chruches and spread the word around the world as the cells multiply by 12.

Could you get Brainwashed in a G 12 Church or Cell?

If you are a member of a G12 Church, you could be brainwashed.  Most cell groups meet weekly and they will study the bible and teach you how to live your life.  Sometimes there may be a control tatic within the group.  Some tatics may encourage you to attend cell meetings, take workshops, and devote your life to the church and the CAUSE!  For example, if you are caught listening to music like rock and roll or goth, you could get tossed off the Worship team (chruch band or choir) because the music is not godly.  These cell groups may want you to spend more time with them instead of your other friends. 

Where's the balance between life and Church? 

If you get involved with Big Church in Barrie, ON, or Generations Church in Yuma, AZ, you may be attending church functions four - five days out of your week.  These meetings may be Cell, Prayer, or Net meetings.  How can you put all these commitments on your plate if you are working and attend Sunday Services.  If you missed any meeting because of work or family, your leader may hassle you to re-adjust your schedule and make time to make the meetings.


If you think the Big Church is Exciting, check it out for yourself.  Attend the service once and get enterained by the band.  During the worship hour, get up and dance around, wave your flags and have a ball. Once the music stops, take in the lecture of Pastor Greg Numan and make out what you think about it.  Following the lecture, observe the Prayer and Healing Session and watch the supernatural of people speaking in tounges and falling down.

If you been to Big Church before, if you read about the brainwashing cautions make your thoughts seriously if you return.  If you get involved with the church, you could have a difficult time getting away. 

Further Reading

G12 Cult

A full listing of readings about the G 12 Vision and why is could be classified as a cult movement

G12 Wikipedia

Wikipedia article of the G 12 Vision

Cell Explosion

A breakdown of the Ladder of success.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks.

Read Previous Big Church Entries

Big Church

Big Church Events, Past and Present

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Evil Dead the Musical Memories

Diesel Playhouse Anthems


Every time I watched Evil Dead the Musical, the Diesel Playhouse played memorable rock and roll songs of the 80's and 90's.  Over the 12 times I watched Evil Dead, I managed to find out the names of songs that were played in the theatre.  Here is a Rundown of the songs which I call Diesel Playhouse Anthems.

Pre Show Anthems

Cum on Feel the Noise - Quiet Riot
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
Love Changese Everything- Honeymoon Suite
Pour Some Surgar on Me - Def Leppard
We're not going to Take It - Twisted Sister - Open the House Anthem
Runaway - Bon Jovi
Rock You like a Hurricane - The Scorpions

Intermission Anthems

Lick it Up - Kiss
Panama - Van Halen
Unknown - I do not know the song

Post Show Anthems

Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Sweet Child of Mine - Guns & Roses
Lick It Up - Kiss, Repeated

There are a few more anthems that I do not know the titles to.  I may find out if Evil Dead the Musical returns to Toronto in the future.

Evil Dead The Musical's Opening Remarks

Welcome to Evil Dead the Musical!  Please turn off all cell phones and other personal mobility devices.  Please be advised that the taking of pictures, flash or otherwise and the use of any audio or video recording device is strictly forbidden and closely monitored by the theatre staff.  This show contains Smoke ,Strobe Lights, Axes, Chainsaws, Severed Body Parts, Stage Guns, Stage Blood, and Blood.  For those of you who are lucky enough to sit in our designated Splatter Zone may get some blood on you.  Those who are sitting in the first few rows who do not intend to get Splattered on, please ask an usher to be reseated.  The Show will begin momentarily.

Every time when I went to watch Evil Dead the Musical, I listened to these opening remarks before the lights went down and the giant book opened showing a breif history of the Necronomicon and than the show started.  Sometimes the actors may shout random stuff during this short video from behind the curtains.  The random shoutings may occur at the 11:00 PM shows on Friday and Saturday nights.

Evil Dead the Musical Pictures

The following pictures were taken in the theatre on July 13, 2007 during the 11:00 PM show.

Ash cutting the head of Linda at the end of Act 1 and the start of Act 2

Charyl blurts out some Evil Puns at the cast of Evil Dead.

Ash Shot Bit Part Demon, Evil Ed at the end of his gig at the top of Act 2

Ash and Annie read the passages before the Demons rise to perform the Necronomicon.

Other Evil Dead Pictures

The following pictures are pictures that I have not taken and I like to show them because they show some great moments from the show.


The most beautiful girl, Charyl. She splatterd me good after staring her down on Sepember 4, 2007.  I almost kissed her because she was so beautiful.  In the song "Join Us"  She has mentioned to the audience that she was beautiful.

Ash cutting off his hand with a chainsaw after getting bit by a Demon Moose inside the cabin.

Costs and Seat Rundown for Evil Dead the Musical 2007 - 2008 

Viewing 1, May, 21, 2007, Splatter Zone 1 A, Seat 5, Cost $35.00

Viewing 2, June 4, 2007, Splatter Zone 3 A, Seat 12 - Cost, $35.00

Viewing 3, July 13, 2007, Splatter Zone 1 A, Seat 7 -Cost, $30.00

Viewing 4, July 16, 2007, Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 6, Cost $45.00

Viewing 5, Aug 11, 2007, Splatter Zone 2 B, Seat 4, Cost $35.00

Viewing 6, Sept, 4, 2007, Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 6, Cost FREE

Total Cost for Viewings 1 - 6 Equals $180.00

Viewing 7, March, 8, 2008, Splatter Zone 2 B, Seat 8, Cost $51.50

Viewing 8, March 14, 2008, Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 5, Cost 49.50

Viewing 9, May 8, 2008, Splatter Zone, 2 B, Seat 5, Cost $49.50

Viewing 10, May 24, 2008, Splatter Zone, 2 B, Seat 5, Cost, 49.50

Viewing 11, July 17, 2008, Splatter Zone, 2 B, Seat 5, Cost FREE

Viewing 12, Sept 2, 2008, Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 7, Cost FREE

Total money Spent on Evil Dead the Musical Viewings 6 - 12 Equals $200.00

Grand Total cost on Evil Dead the Musical tickets Equals $380.00

Keep your Ears to the Tracks at for upcoming dates and times for Evil Dead the Musical at a theatre near you. 

Check out this promo with the memories of watching this show.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Memories of Evil Dead the Musical, 2008 Viewings 7 - 12

New Additions to the Theatre

In 2008, I got to reap the opportunity to watch Evil Dead the Musical six more times in the 2008 season and the final season of the Diesel Playhouse.  There were a few new features added to the Diesel Playhouse like a new Ash mannequin beside the left hand entrance to the theatre.  The Ash mannequin was encased in a glass case and it was wearing a mask on the face.  TV sets were added to the entrance marquee and the music from the show was played through some speakers outside the theatre.  The padding on the trap door that Cheryl pops out had been refurbished with nice shiny leather.

March, 7, 2008, 11:00 PM, Snow Storm

On this date, when I returned to the Diesel Playhouse for the 7th time, It was snowing like crazy and waiting for the street car took forever.  I did not get to the theatre until 10:45 PM and the song Runaway by Bon Jovi was playing over the sound system as I went into the theatre to take my seat.  My friend Bettina ordered the ticket online at  The section where I wanted to sit was re-named Splatter Zone Premium.  Another change to the seating plan was, Splatter Zone 2 A seat #1 and 2 were at the end of the Stage right aisle and Seats 13 and 14 were at the end of the stage left aisle.  This change shifted Splatter Zone 2 A Seat #6 by two stage right.  There were some new and old cast member in the show.  Ryan Ward, Nug, kept their roles.

This is the Result after Watching Evil Dead the Musical for the 7th time.  There was a new blood effect added to the show for the 2008 season.  Upon conclusion of the fight scene, it rains Blood and it washes out the thick red and makes your splattering turn pink.

March 14, 2008, 11:00 PM

This is the first time watching Evil Dead the Musical before a St. Patrick's party.  I was hyped to dancing the night after watching Evil Dead the Musical becuase, I loved the musical and following it up by dancing the night away at a party.  When I got the info about the paty, I walked into the Diesel Playhouse and purchased a ticket for March 14, 2008 11:00 PM.  I was able to choose my seat and I grabbed Splatter Zone, 2 A Seat 5.  When I got to the show. I had a double seat by Act 2 because nobody purchased Splatter Zone, 2 A Seat 6 and I shifted over one seat.  After Curtain Call, Nug came over to me and sprayed an extra packet of blood down my left arm.

This was the result of sitting in Splatter Zone, 2 A, Seats 5 and 6.  I just got lucky and had a double seat to myself.  I got blood running down my arm and it looks beautiful to my eyes.  Following the show, I got to meet up with Nug (Good Old Reliable Jake).  This was the first time I got to meet a cast member from the show. 

May 8, 2008, 8:00 PM

When I had my hopes up for an early May canoe trip dated for May 9, 2008, I took a trip to the Diesel Playhouse to pick up a ticket for May 8, 2008.  As the date got closer, the canoe trip was cancelled due to lack of interest, I just went to the show and had a good time.  Following the show, I met up with Kristan Brunn, Alyson Smyth, and Nug.

Kristian Brunn Played the Role for Ash on May 8th, 2008.

This is the result of Splatter Zone 2 B Seat 5.  I got a combination of a dark red spots and a pink wash out due to the blood rain.

May 24, 2008, 2:00 PM

I was excited to see Evil Dead the Musical for a tenth time, I took another trip to the Diesel Playhouse to pick up a ticket for Saturday May, 24, 2:00 PM show.  This was the only trip I took that I returned the same day.  I grabbed the 10:00 AM bus to downtown Toronto.  When I got into Toronto, I took a stop at a subway for lunch before heading to the Diesel Playhouse for the 2:00 Show.  The Box office sold me Splatter Zone, 2 B, Seat 5 again because Splatter Zone 2 A was sold out for every show.  During Intermission, I bring extra T-shirts and place them in the front row to get them splatterd on.  After doing that, an usher told me that I received a complaint from other customers that I was taking up their space.  The usher suggested me to dip the shirts in the puddles after the show.  Following the show, I had to get to the bus station to get home again.

Due to the Blood Rain effect, The dark red spots get washed away and makes my results of splattering look pink instad of red.  The result of May 24, 2008 was a large red spot by belly and lots of pink spots.

July 17, 2008, 8:00 PM Pre Boreal Viewing

On Canada Day weekend, I took an extra trip to the Diesel Playhouse to pick up a ticket for July 17, 2008 because it was another exciting time to watch Evil Dead before heading up north for a weeked of canoing and dancing.  This was the second free Ticket, I scored because I promoted Evil Dead the Musical to Death over the season.  I put Evil Dead flyers at other shows and events I attended.  I met up with some people who worked at the Diesel Playhouse at a comedy night at Clinton's and they offered to give me some free tickets to Evil Dead.  Before, I watched the show, I picked up my ticket to see the show once more on September, 2, 2008 and it was posted on the wall at the merchandise booth.

I was pumped to watch Evil Dead for the 11th time and get splattered.  Following the show, I met up with Nug and Kristian.  I hung out at the venue too long and the Manager told me that it was time to leave and I was the last customer in the venue.

This splatter result was not what I expected,  I got a total washout due to the Blood Rain effect.

September 2, 2008, 8:00 PM, Final Viewing

I called the Diesel Playhouse to give me one more ticket to see Evil Dead the Musical on September 2, 2008.  Since this was a free ticket, I requested Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 7 because it's located dead centre stage.  The foure centre seats in Splatter Zone 2 A are considered preimum seats and they cost $65.00 on a weeknight and $75.00 on a Friday or Saturday evening  This time, I got all my friends to order tickets in the Splatter Zone and they waited too long to place the ticket order and ended up with Splatter Zone 3.  I managed to get 12 or more of my friends to come out to the show with me.  When Charyl lunged towards the audience, she lunged towards Splatter Zone 2 A , Seat 9 or 10.  I was hoping to get my face close to hers since it was the last time I was going to see Evil Dead before it closed.

The Result of the final Splattering was a slight washout due to the Blood Rain effect.  My shirt and my some of my friend's shirts got more pink than red.  This ends the Evil Dead the Musical Obsession as the show closed on September, 6, 2008 and the Playhouse closed in Decmeber, 2008.

We Will Remember the Diesel Playhouse as it turns into the Bisha Hotel and Residence.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks

Read about Evil Dead the Musical, 2007

Evil Dead the Musical

How I found out about Evil Dead the Musical

The Exterior of the diesel Playhouse, Taken on July 16, 2007
In May, 2007, I was watching Star Daily on A Channel and there was a sneak peek of Evil Dead the Musical.  Over the May long weekend, my friend Dave went with a date to Evil Dead at the Diesel Playhouse.  When I found out my friend went, I said to him, "Hey!, I want to see that in the Splatter Zone."  After a weekend in Hastings, Dave got me a ticket to Evil Dead the Musical in the Splatter Zone, for the 8:00 on May 21, 2007.  Dave gave me his credit card and I went to the box office to pick up the ticket because the ticket was under Dave's name.  When I went into the theatre, I was hyped to watch this musical and get covered with fake blood.

May, 21, 2007, 8:00 PM

My ticket was for Splatter Zone Section 1 A, Seat #5.  That is the fifth seat from Stage Right.  When the blood started to fly, I was hyped and watching it with A-W-E, and hoping to get hit.  When the Strobe Lights started flickering, I did not get hit and one of my neighbours sitting next to me said, "We did not get splatted and and that sucked."  After watching the show,  I wanted to see the show again in another section of the Splatter Zone.  I was hoping for the centre section.

June 4, 2007, 8:00 PM

On June, 4th, 2007, Dave got me another ticket to Evil Dead the Musical and I my seat number was Splatter Zone 3 A, Seat 12.  That seat was located stage left in the corner of the theatre.  During the show, I was keeping my eye on an empty seat located in the center of the theatre.  At intermission, I occupied that empty seat because it was vacent for the entire time.  When the blood started flying, I got covered and I loved it.  The seat that I moved into was Splatter Zone 2 A Seat #6 and it' located dead center stage.  That is the best Splatter Zone Seat in the house.

This is the result of my first splattering.  I got totally covered in blood and I loved it.  This picture was taken at the Evil Dead the Musical Photo Booth.  This photo booth is free and it e-mails the picture to you and you download it at home.

July 13, 2007, 8:00 PM
On Friday, July 13, 2007, I got a whole group of friends from OM to come and see Evil Dead the Musical again because it got extended into the summer.  This opened up more opportunity to get splattered and the obsession continued on.  Before the show, my friends met at Gretzky's Restaurant across the street from the theatre for drinks.  My friends booked the entire section of the Section 1 of the Splatter Zone, (Stage Right).  I got Splatter Zone 1 A 12 for the third viewing of Evil Dead the Musical.  This showing, I got sprayed by a blood cannon in the trap door after Charyel drags Good old Reliable Jake into the cellar.  Following Curtain Call, Matt Olmstead came over to me and spewed more blood onto my shirt.

July, 16, 8:00 PM

On Monday, July 16, 2007, Dave got me another ticket to Evil Dead the Musical.  I was excited to see the show again within a few days.  Dave gave me the credit card and I went to the Diesel Playhouse to pick up the ticket for the third time.  Dave got me my favorite seat in the house for the entire show.  This seat was Splatter Zone, 2 A, Seat 6.  When I sat in this seat for the second time, Charyl came up to me and said" You are gettin bloody!"  When The blood started flying, She got me.

After the show, this is the result of splattering.  It was worth sitting in that seat.

August, 18, 2007, 7:30 PM

I managed to get a group of my friends to come out to see Evil Dead the Musical again on August, 18 2007 for an evening show.  En-route to the show, I stopped at an underground Mc Donald's and than I met up with the gang at Gretzky's Restaurant for the second time and the patio was closed that evening.  We headed over to the theatre and got the tickets.  This time I was in Splatter Zone 2 B Seat 4.  That seat was located above Splatter Zone 2 A Seat 6, my favorite seat.

This was the Result of sitting in Splatter Zone 2 B, Seat 4.  I got some globs on my chest and some streaks dripping down.

September, 4, 2007, 8:00 PM

This was the sixth viewing of the show.  I got a pair of free tickets from a friend because he found out that I was promoting Evil Dead the Musical to Death at events through the summer.  This was the first free viewing of Evil Dead the Musical.  I was very excited that I got to see Evil Dead one more time before it closed on September 8, 2007.  My friend Hart knew someone who worked at the Diesel Playhouse and he told him what I was doing and the reward was a free ticket to Evil Dead the Musical.  For this viewing, I brought along my friend Irving to the show.  He arrived at the show late and he had to sit in the back until intermission.  I met Irving at Intermission and sat in my favorite seats in the Splatter Zone.  I got Splatter Zone 2 A Seat #6 for the third time.  When Charyl lunged towards me, I stared at her and than she totally splattered me with blood.  Some blood got into my mouth and it had a mint flavour to it.  I loved that moment.

These Pictures showed the result of sitting in Splatter Zone 2 A Seat 6 for the third time.  Both me and Irving got totally splattered.  After the show, both of us walked on Queen St. W covered in blood.

On September 7, 2007, Evil Dead left the stage and returned for February 14, 2008 for another run.

If you love Evil Dead the Musical, Keep your Ears to the Tracks at for a showing of your favorite musical near you.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Last Ride

What is the Last Ride?

The Last Ride is a burial simulator.  This ride has a suundtrack of your funeral, ride in the hearse and your burial.  Some attractions may re-name the attractions like "Buried Alive."  The Casket is equipped with a night-vision camera that is hooked up to a TV set outside for people to see facial expressions of the person inside the casket.  Sometimes the the smells of the flowers and the dirt are pumped into the casket during the ride.

The Last Ride is an extra charge attraction that is not included with your admission ticket.

Where is the Last Ride?

You may see this ride at your local haunted house in the future.  The Last Ride as featured at The Power House of Terror, 2010 and 2011

When is the Last Ride Open?

The Last Ride is open for the month of October or when the haunt venue is open.  Hours of operation varies from haunt to haunt.

Check out for a haunted attraction near you.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks for Halloween 2011 dates and times.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Zombies are Cute

Are Zombies Cute

Yes they are cute because they are the most beautiful creatures.  If you see a zombie, you want to fall in love with them.

This zombie is beautiful because the blood is dripping everywhere. 

What is Beautiful in a Zombie's Face

Zombies have very beautiful faces because they have blood dripping down, facial features and their sounds.  Zombie's have wonderful sound because they moan and groan while out on the loose. 
If you ever meet a zombie at a haunted house around Halloween, remember to say hi and let hime scare you.

Let's Look at some Beautiful Zombies

She is beautiful!  This zombie has large blobs of blood on her face and a few streaks of blood down her chest.  This is Beautiful.

She's Sweet!  This zombie is sweet because she has blood dripping out of her mouth and down her lips.

She is so Pretty!  This pretty zombie has blood dripping down her face and some exposed veins. 

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Zombies are Cute, 2011 (Toronto Zombie Walk, 2011)

Beautiful Zombies

More Beautiful Zombies

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Volunteer opportunity at the Power House of Terror

On October 31, 2010, I scored an awesome opportunity to be an actor in a Haunted Attraction for Halloween.  When I got that E-mail from Toronto Zombie Walk, I got in touch with the Manager and she welcomed me onto the Bandwagon for Halloween. I was a beautiful looking zombie in the graveyard. 

I kept my Ears to the Tracks for the 2011 Registration and had a successful Thanksgiving Audition.  I will be back the Power House of Terror on October, 27, 28, 3-, and 31, 2011

Keep your Ears to the Tracks and read about my trips to the Power House of Terror, 2011.

Power House of Terror, 2011

Power House of Terror, Halloween 2011, Part 1

Power House of Terror, Halloween 2011, Part 2

Power House of Terror, Halloween 2011 Part 3