The Table of Contents

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Carnival Ride Dancin

Diesel Playhouse

Free Hotel Stay, Sign up and go to MEPS

Music of Elementry School



Big Church

Page IPage II, The G 12 Vison,

And Getting There


Page I,  Page II,

Evil Dead the Musical, 2007

Evil Dead the Musical, 2008

Freaky Stuff

Freaky, Freaky on the TV, Freaky in the Car , Freaky on the Radio

Hut! The Blinking Red Lights Stories

Page I & Page II

Hotels I Stayed In

Page I, Page II, Page III

Moose Man, 2011

The Drive

The Arrival

Rock n Roll Revival


Big Bang Boom

Hut! Pictures

Halloween, 2010

Power House of Terror, Halloween Night

Pre School & Kindergarten

Toys from Grade I and Onwards 

Video Games

Nes Games

NES Games I borrowed / Rented 

NES Games Scott Brought

SNES Games I Owned

You Tube Videos

Video Entry 1

Video Entry 2

Video Entry 3