Monday, May 28, 2012

The Tweet Seats

On May 25, 2012, During a conversation in the dressing room prior to the afternoon performance of the Marquis Crossing Ladies Society's First Attempt At Murder at the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts.  I have learned about a desiginated section of a theatre or cinema that permits people to use their cell phone during the performance or movie. 

Why The Tweet Seats?

Nowadays, people want to stare at their small screens in order to keep in touch with friends via Stockbook (Facebook), or Twitter.  People want to share their reactions, thoughts about the performance or film that they are attending. 

Where are the Tweet Seats?

The tweet seats should be on the topmost level or the back row of the auditorium.  If you are watching a show in the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts, the tweet seats are located either in the lobby or outside the building because Tweeting and Facebooking will be a visual distarction during all performances.

Why turn off your cell phone?

When you visit a theatre, you are encouraged to turn off and cell phone because its glow will create a visual distraction for audience members and actors.  The Ringing of the cell phone for each text message received will annoy both audience and actors.  Many people will shut their phone off.  Occasionaly, a cell phone will ring during the performance at a Theatre By the Bay performance because someone probally forgot to shut his or her phone off.

Let's listen to Pop Culture Critic, Lisha Hassanali give a lowdown on Tweet Seats on Here and Now Toronto at

Great Links about Tweet Seats, should theatres have dedicated smartphone sections

The LA Times, Theatres set aside Tweet Seats.

Macleans Magazine, Theates Embrace Tweet Seats

Let's Turn off our Cell Phones off For

Thank God that Theatre By the Bay will not be having any Tweet Seats at all three Productions.  When you enter the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts for between July 26 - Auguest 26, 2012 you will hear the following before the performance.

Welcome to Theatre by the Bay's Production of Man of La Macha, The Merry Wives of Windsor, or Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang.  Please turn off all cell phones, pagers, players, I Pods, I Pads, I Phones, I whatever you get my Drift.  Any forms of photography and the use of audio or video recording devices are prohibited.  enjoy the show!

If you are at the Mady Centre enjoying Man of La Mancha, you will have to wait until Intermission to make your Tweets, or Facebook comments about ths show.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Theatre Ticket Rip Off

If you are looking for tickets to see your favorite Mirvish Show in the heart of Toronto, you should think twice before you click the Pay Button.

Let's Look at some ticket Prices

I will be comparing tickets for the Mirvish's production of War Horse at the Princess of Whales Theatre for the May 16, 2012, 7:30 PM Show

Ticket King

Orchetra Seating EE - O = $110 + 7.50 Service Fee = 117.50

Ticket King is the official site you should buy your tickets for all Mirvish Shows.

I will look up a seat for the same show at and see the price.

Orchestra Row N = 315.00 + 47.25 Service Fee + 15.00 Delivery Fee = 377.25 is a website that will overcharge and make a lot of money off a seat that has a face value of $110 according to Ticket King.

There are some sites that may try to sell you the exact same seat at 50% off.  Do you think it's worth the savings?  Let's now look at the World Wide Wait of for the best deals on War Horse Tickets.  The next site I will be viewing is Good Seat Tickets

Good Seat Tickets

Orchestra Row N was marked down from $360.00 to $288.00 with a fake discount.

Row N = 288.00 + 57.60 Service Fee + 15.00 Delivery Fee = 360.60.

Do you think it's worth ordering that War Horse Ticket?  Good Seat Tickets is 17 bucks cheaper than price of 377.25.

Let's Continue searching the World Wide Maze for a better deal on the same same date and seat.

The Ticket Tennis Server

Orchestra Row N = 285.50 + 55.55 Service Fee + 15.00 Delivery Fee = 355.55

This is the cheapet Ticket third-party ticketing site found.  The mark-up is still quite a big deal and Let's continue to search the maze for a cheaper site.  Can we find a site that is cheaper than Ticket King?

The Ticket Centre

Orchestra Row N = 324.00 + 58.32 Service Fee + 15.00 Delivery Fee = 397.32.

This is the most expensive War Horse Ticket I have found online so far.  If you order from the Ticket Centre, you are paying in U.S funds


The result was, there was no cheaper seats online for finding a ticket to see War Horse.  The best idea is to go to order through Ticket King (  All these other ticket markets are ticket re-sale sites that do not support the show you are watching.  If you buy a ticket from the Third Party, you are cheating Mirvish or Dancap.  Worst Case Scenario, you may not get into the show because the ticket or seat may not exist.

Fortunatly, you do not have to worry about the rip-off Artists when you buy a ticket to see Man of La Mancha, Jacob Two Two, or The Merry Wives of Windsor at the Mady Centre this summer.  These tickets are available at Barrie's Theatre page.