Friday, November 5, 2010

Zombies are Cute

Are Zombies Cute

Yes they are cute because they are the most beautiful creatures.  If you see a zombie, you want to fall in love with them.

This zombie is beautiful because the blood is dripping everywhere. 

What is Beautiful in a Zombie's Face

Zombies have very beautiful faces because they have blood dripping down, facial features and their sounds.  Zombie's have wonderful sound because they moan and groan while out on the loose. 
If you ever meet a zombie at a haunted house around Halloween, remember to say hi and let hime scare you.

Let's Look at some Beautiful Zombies

She is beautiful!  This zombie has large blobs of blood on her face and a few streaks of blood down her chest.  This is Beautiful.

She's Sweet!  This zombie is sweet because she has blood dripping out of her mouth and down her lips.

She is so Pretty!  This pretty zombie has blood dripping down her face and some exposed veins. 

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