Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big Church

What is The Big Church?

Big Church is an evagalical / penticostal style church in the southwest end of Barrie.  B.I.G. stands for Believing In God.  The Big Church attracts people in the age range between 13 - 30.

Big Church's Motto 2005 - 2009

Big Church  
Big Heart
        Big Dreams
                   Big Expetiations
             Big God

Big Church's Motto 2010 and Onwards

Big Church
   Experiencing Jesus
       Growing Together
           Saving Others

Where is Big Church

Past Venues

The Big Church was located in a warehouse in an industrial zone in the west end of Barrie, Ontario.  It's very close to the highway for people to get to by car. 

In early 2011,  The Big Church has moved to the Barrie Free Methodist Church.

In 2012, The Big Church has made a move to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the south end of Barrie.

Current Venue as of 2015

The Big Church is presently housed in the Oasis of Hope.  You can get to the Big Church with their Ride program or the Big Church Shuttle.  Read here on how to get to Big Church

What Happens inside Big Church

First Time Visitors

On your first visit to Big church, the pastor or leader of the house will award you with a Mr Big Choclate Bar and you are welcome to eat it during the service.

The Big Church no longer gives out the coveted Mr Big bar because of peanut allergies.  I was glad to get my Mr Big Bar from the Mr Big  Church in 2006.

The Worship (Warm - Up)

At the top of the service, the worship leader will hype the audience up as the band gets ready to play the first upbeat song of the night.  The band will play cover songs from Hillsong United or Jesus Culture.  Peoplea are free to get up and dance, clap, and sing along with the band.  

Following the first or second song there is an opportunity for announcements about church life and upcoming events.  When the announcements are wrapped up, the band will take the stage and play a few more Worship songs from their selected song list.  The band starts to slow things down.

The Offering

After a few slow songs have been played, the worship leader will take a moment to take up the offering. Before the offering is taken up, the worship leader may read off some scripture and tell the audience why it's very important to tithe every week. 

Audience members take their tithing envlope and place into a gold baskets located at the end of the centre aisle by the stage.  The most dedicated church members may put $20.00 or more in a tithing envlope.

Following the offering, the band will play one or two more songs and than the Speaker of the House will take the stage.

The Lecture

The pastor or the Speaker of the house will take the podium starting out with a scripture reading and than delivers the Message.  The message depending on what the Speaker of the House has to say, the lecture can get pretty lengthy and boring.

This speaker has a unique pattern to stare at when you get bored during the pastor's lecture. 

Healing and Altar Call


Following the Lecture, sometimes there may be an hour of Healing or an Altar Call.  During a Healing Service, the pastor or leaders will invite people to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.  The pastor or leaders will use laying on hands and sometimes people may become slain in the the spirit.  Sometimes the leaders may start to speak in tongues.  Sometimes there may be sudden laughter or crying during the service.

Altar Call

Sometimes there may be an altar call for people who want to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. people are invited to the front to resite the Sinner's Prayer.

Wrap Up

The House band will play the final upbeat song for everyone to get up and dance before the church is dismissed.  If the Healing Service takes too long, audience members are welcome to leave if time is tight. Occasionally the band may not play the final song if the Healing Service takes longer than expected.

If you have been to Big Church a few times before, sometimes the band may repeat songs every week.

Following the Service, people will go to a nearby Wendy's or fast food Restaurant for fellowship

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