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Big Church and the G 12 Vision

The Big Church and the G12 Vision

Big Church is the only church in Barrie that follows the G 12 Vision.  If you have been attending Big Church or any other church that follows a similar format, be warned.

What does G 12 Stand for?

G 12 Means "Government of 12"

What is the G 12 Vision?

The G 12 was founded by Cesar Castellanos and the Big Church follows this doctrine. The G 12 Vision follows the example of Jesus who trained the 12 disciples in the Christian Faith. (G 12 Vision -- Wikipedia). This movement is all about formation and multiplication (G12 Vision-wikipedia).  The movement is all about formation and multiplication.

What is a Cell?

A cell is small group of 12 people within the congergation.  Most G 12 cells groups will meet on a weekly basis.  These groups regularly meet to share their relationships, experience spiritual formation and engauge activites with the Mission (Big Chruch).

Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

The G 12 Vision is almost like a pyramid scheme.  Once you become a member of a cell, you will be taught how to live your life and invite more people to come to church every sunday through evanglism.  Each cell member will take workshops and devote their time to the ministry. 

Once you join a cell group, you may be suggested to take part in the Encounter Weekend and leadership workshops within the church.  Once you have complete the workshops, you will have your own cell group of 12 people to teach to become leaders and help the church grow.

More People = $$$$$

The Ladder of Success

The  Ladder of success is based on the G 12 Vision and it's divided into four parts


Become Born again.  This means you have accepted Jesus as your personal lord and saviour.  Once you accepted this personal relationship, the Brainwashing Process Begins


The second stage involves your first series of workshops known as The Encounter.  This step is divided in to three parts.

1. The Pre Encounter workshop is a four part weekly series you take with the Encounter Leaders to get you prepared for the Encounter Retreat.

2. The Encounter Weekend is a retreat away from the distractions of everyday life.  These retreats are usually held at summer camps or retreat facilities.  In these weekend retreats, the Power of the Cross will break down barriers.

3. The Post Encounter is a 10-part workshop series you take upon completion of the Encounter Weekend.  in this workshop series, you will learn more about the G 12, the Bible, and how to live your life accordingly.


On the third rung of the Ladder, you will take a series of workshops known as the school of Leaders.  This workshop is divided into two parts.  Upon completion of the 24 workshops of the School of Leaders you will open your own cell.


This is the final step of the Ladder of success.  Once you have opened you own cell, you will do the Re-Encounter Retreat and one more workshop series called School of Leaders part II.  Upon completion of the final workshop series, you will gain support from your original cell (Leadership Cell) to help your own cell become leaders. 

The Math

The first cell will contain 12 people and the cell leader. Once the first cell completes the Ladder of Success, each cell member will become a leader of their own cell of 12 people.  The total number of people in the tweleve new cells will total 144 people.

Nets (Networks)

What is a Net?  A net is a group of cells including men's, woman's, and childerns cells.  These nets will meet on a weekly or a monthly basis. 

The Cell leaders may form teams to run Encounter and School of Leaders workshops of their own.  Some Teams may form their own chruches and spread the word around the world as the cells multiply by 12.

Could you get Brainwashed in a G 12 Church or Cell?

If you are a member of a G12 Church, you could be brainwashed.  Most cell groups meet weekly and they will study the bible and teach you how to live your life.  Sometimes there may be a control tatic within the group.  Some tatics may encourage you to attend cell meetings, take workshops, and devote your life to the church and the CAUSE!  For example, if you are caught listening to music like rock and roll or goth, you could get tossed off the Worship team (chruch band or choir) because the music is not godly.  These cell groups may want you to spend more time with them instead of your other friends. 

Where's the balance between life and Church? 

If you get involved with Big Church in Barrie, ON, or Generations Church in Yuma, AZ, you may be attending church functions four - five days out of your week.  These meetings may be Cell, Prayer, or Net meetings.  How can you put all these commitments on your plate if you are working and attend Sunday Services.  If you missed any meeting because of work or family, your leader may hassle you to re-adjust your schedule and make time to make the meetings.


If you think the Big Church is Exciting, check it out for yourself.  Attend the service once and get enterained by the band.  During the worship hour, get up and dance around, wave your flags and have a ball. Once the music stops, take in the lecture of Pastor Greg Numan and make out what you think about it.  Following the lecture, observe the Prayer and Healing Session and watch the supernatural of people speaking in tounges and falling down.

If you been to Big Church before, if you read about the brainwashing cautions make your thoughts seriously if you return.  If you get involved with the church, you could have a difficult time getting away. 

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