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Memories of Evil Dead the Musical, 2008 Viewings 7 - 12

New Additions to the Theatre

In 2008, I got to reap the opportunity to watch Evil Dead the Musical six more times in the 2008 season and the final season of the Diesel Playhouse.  There were a few new features added to the Diesel Playhouse like a new Ash mannequin beside the left hand entrance to the theatre.  The Ash mannequin was encased in a glass case and it was wearing a mask on the face.  TV sets were added to the entrance marquee and the music from the show was played through some speakers outside the theatre.  The padding on the trap door that Cheryl pops out had been refurbished with nice shiny leather.

March, 7, 2008, 11:00 PM, Snow Storm

On this date, when I returned to the Diesel Playhouse for the 7th time, It was snowing like crazy and waiting for the street car took forever.  I did not get to the theatre until 10:45 PM and the song Runaway by Bon Jovi was playing over the sound system as I went into the theatre to take my seat.  My friend Bettina ordered the ticket online at dieselplayhouse.com.  The section where I wanted to sit was re-named Splatter Zone Premium.  Another change to the seating plan was, Splatter Zone 2 A seat #1 and 2 were at the end of the Stage right aisle and Seats 13 and 14 were at the end of the stage left aisle.  This change shifted Splatter Zone 2 A Seat #6 by two stage right.  There were some new and old cast member in the show.  Ryan Ward, Nug, kept their roles.

This is the Result after Watching Evil Dead the Musical for the 7th time.  There was a new blood effect added to the show for the 2008 season.  Upon conclusion of the fight scene, it rains Blood and it washes out the thick red and makes your splattering turn pink.

March 14, 2008, 11:00 PM

This is the first time watching Evil Dead the Musical before a St. Patrick's party.  I was hyped to dancing the night after watching Evil Dead the Musical becuase, I loved the musical and following it up by dancing the night away at a party.  When I got the info about the paty, I walked into the Diesel Playhouse and purchased a ticket for March 14, 2008 11:00 PM.  I was able to choose my seat and I grabbed Splatter Zone, 2 A Seat 5.  When I got to the show. I had a double seat by Act 2 because nobody purchased Splatter Zone, 2 A Seat 6 and I shifted over one seat.  After Curtain Call, Nug came over to me and sprayed an extra packet of blood down my left arm.

This was the result of sitting in Splatter Zone, 2 A, Seats 5 and 6.  I just got lucky and had a double seat to myself.  I got blood running down my arm and it looks beautiful to my eyes.  Following the show, I got to meet up with Nug (Good Old Reliable Jake).  This was the first time I got to meet a cast member from the show. 

May 8, 2008, 8:00 PM

When I had my hopes up for an early May canoe trip dated for May 9, 2008, I took a trip to the Diesel Playhouse to pick up a ticket for May 8, 2008.  As the date got closer, the canoe trip was cancelled due to lack of interest, I just went to the show and had a good time.  Following the show, I met up with Kristan Brunn, Alyson Smyth, and Nug.

Kristian Brunn Played the Role for Ash on May 8th, 2008.

This is the result of Splatter Zone 2 B Seat 5.  I got a combination of a dark red spots and a pink wash out due to the blood rain.

May 24, 2008, 2:00 PM

I was excited to see Evil Dead the Musical for a tenth time, I took another trip to the Diesel Playhouse to pick up a ticket for Saturday May, 24, 2:00 PM show.  This was the only trip I took that I returned the same day.  I grabbed the 10:00 AM bus to downtown Toronto.  When I got into Toronto, I took a stop at a subway for lunch before heading to the Diesel Playhouse for the 2:00 Show.  The Box office sold me Splatter Zone, 2 B, Seat 5 again because Splatter Zone 2 A was sold out for every show.  During Intermission, I bring extra T-shirts and place them in the front row to get them splatterd on.  After doing that, an usher told me that I received a complaint from other customers that I was taking up their space.  The usher suggested me to dip the shirts in the puddles after the show.  Following the show, I had to get to the bus station to get home again.

Due to the Blood Rain effect, The dark red spots get washed away and makes my results of splattering look pink instad of red.  The result of May 24, 2008 was a large red spot by belly and lots of pink spots.

July 17, 2008, 8:00 PM Pre Boreal Viewing

On Canada Day weekend, I took an extra trip to the Diesel Playhouse to pick up a ticket for July 17, 2008 because it was another exciting time to watch Evil Dead before heading up north for a weeked of canoing and dancing.  This was the second free Ticket, I scored because I promoted Evil Dead the Musical to Death over the season.  I put Evil Dead flyers at other shows and events I attended.  I met up with some people who worked at the Diesel Playhouse at a comedy night at Clinton's and they offered to give me some free tickets to Evil Dead.  Before, I watched the show, I picked up my ticket to see the show once more on September, 2, 2008 and it was posted on the wall at the merchandise booth.

I was pumped to watch Evil Dead for the 11th time and get splattered.  Following the show, I met up with Nug and Kristian.  I hung out at the venue too long and the Manager told me that it was time to leave and I was the last customer in the venue.

This splatter result was not what I expected,  I got a total washout due to the Blood Rain effect.

September 2, 2008, 8:00 PM, Final Viewing

I called the Diesel Playhouse to give me one more ticket to see Evil Dead the Musical on September 2, 2008.  Since this was a free ticket, I requested Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 7 because it's located dead centre stage.  The foure centre seats in Splatter Zone 2 A are considered preimum seats and they cost $65.00 on a weeknight and $75.00 on a Friday or Saturday evening  This time, I got all my friends to order tickets in the Splatter Zone and they waited too long to place the ticket order and ended up with Splatter Zone 3.  I managed to get 12 or more of my friends to come out to the show with me.  When Charyl lunged towards the audience, she lunged towards Splatter Zone 2 A , Seat 9 or 10.  I was hoping to get my face close to hers since it was the last time I was going to see Evil Dead before it closed.

The Result of the final Splattering was a slight washout due to the Blood Rain effect.  My shirt and my some of my friend's shirts got more pink than red.  This ends the Evil Dead the Musical Obsession as the show closed on September, 6, 2008 and the Playhouse closed in Decmeber, 2008.

We Will Remember the Diesel Playhouse as it turns into the Bisha Hotel and Residence.

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