Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Last Ride

What is the Last Ride?

The Last Ride is a burial simulator.  This ride has a suundtrack of your funeral, ride in the hearse and your burial.  Some attractions may re-name the attractions like "Buried Alive."  The Casket is equipped with a night-vision camera that is hooked up to a TV set outside for people to see facial expressions of the person inside the casket.  Sometimes the the smells of the flowers and the dirt are pumped into the casket during the ride.

The Last Ride is an extra charge attraction that is not included with your admission ticket.

Where is the Last Ride?

You may see this ride at your local haunted house in the future.  The Last Ride as featured at The Power House of Terror, 2010 and 2011

When is the Last Ride Open?

The Last Ride is open for the month of October or when the haunt venue is open.  Hours of operation varies from haunt to haunt.

Check out http://www.hauntworld.com/ for a haunted attraction near you.

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