Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Evil Dead the Musical Memories

Diesel Playhouse Anthems


Every time I watched Evil Dead the Musical, the Diesel Playhouse played memorable rock and roll songs of the 80's and 90's.  Over the 12 times I watched Evil Dead, I managed to find out the names of songs that were played in the theatre.  Here is a Rundown of the songs which I call Diesel Playhouse Anthems.

Pre Show Anthems

Cum on Feel the Noise - Quiet Riot
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
Love Changese Everything- Honeymoon Suite
Pour Some Surgar on Me - Def Leppard
We're not going to Take It - Twisted Sister - Open the House Anthem
Runaway - Bon Jovi
Rock You like a Hurricane - The Scorpions

Intermission Anthems

Lick it Up - Kiss
Panama - Van Halen
Unknown - I do not know the song

Post Show Anthems

Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Sweet Child of Mine - Guns & Roses
Lick It Up - Kiss, Repeated

There are a few more anthems that I do not know the titles to.  I may find out if Evil Dead the Musical returns to Toronto in the future.

Evil Dead The Musical's Opening Remarks

Welcome to Evil Dead the Musical!  Please turn off all cell phones and other personal mobility devices.  Please be advised that the taking of pictures, flash or otherwise and the use of any audio or video recording device is strictly forbidden and closely monitored by the theatre staff.  This show contains Smoke ,Strobe Lights, Axes, Chainsaws, Severed Body Parts, Stage Guns, Stage Blood, and Blood.  For those of you who are lucky enough to sit in our designated Splatter Zone may get some blood on you.  Those who are sitting in the first few rows who do not intend to get Splattered on, please ask an usher to be reseated.  The Show will begin momentarily.

Every time when I went to watch Evil Dead the Musical, I listened to these opening remarks before the lights went down and the giant book opened showing a breif history of the Necronomicon and than the show started.  Sometimes the actors may shout random stuff during this short video from behind the curtains.  The random shoutings may occur at the 11:00 PM shows on Friday and Saturday nights.

Evil Dead the Musical Pictures

The following pictures were taken in the theatre on July 13, 2007 during the 11:00 PM show.

Ash cutting the head of Linda at the end of Act 1 and the start of Act 2

Charyl blurts out some Evil Puns at the cast of Evil Dead.

Ash Shot Bit Part Demon, Evil Ed at the end of his gig at the top of Act 2

Ash and Annie read the passages before the Demons rise to perform the Necronomicon.

Other Evil Dead Pictures

The following pictures are pictures that I have not taken and I like to show them because they show some great moments from the show.


The most beautiful girl, Charyl. She splatterd me good after staring her down on Sepember 4, 2007.  I almost kissed her because she was so beautiful.  In the song "Join Us"  She has mentioned to the audience that she was beautiful.

Ash cutting off his hand with a chainsaw after getting bit by a Demon Moose inside the cabin.

Costs and Seat Rundown for Evil Dead the Musical 2007 - 2008 

Viewing 1, May, 21, 2007, Splatter Zone 1 A, Seat 5, Cost $35.00

Viewing 2, June 4, 2007, Splatter Zone 3 A, Seat 12 - Cost, $35.00

Viewing 3, July 13, 2007, Splatter Zone 1 A, Seat 7 -Cost, $30.00

Viewing 4, July 16, 2007, Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 6, Cost $45.00

Viewing 5, Aug 11, 2007, Splatter Zone 2 B, Seat 4, Cost $35.00

Viewing 6, Sept, 4, 2007, Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 6, Cost FREE

Total Cost for Viewings 1 - 6 Equals $180.00

Viewing 7, March, 8, 2008, Splatter Zone 2 B, Seat 8, Cost $51.50

Viewing 8, March 14, 2008, Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 5, Cost 49.50

Viewing 9, May 8, 2008, Splatter Zone, 2 B, Seat 5, Cost $49.50

Viewing 10, May 24, 2008, Splatter Zone, 2 B, Seat 5, Cost, 49.50

Viewing 11, July 17, 2008, Splatter Zone, 2 B, Seat 5, Cost FREE

Viewing 12, Sept 2, 2008, Splatter Zone 2 A, Seat 7, Cost FREE

Total money Spent on Evil Dead the Musical Viewings 6 - 12 Equals $200.00

Grand Total cost on Evil Dead the Musical tickets Equals $380.00

Keep your Ears to the Tracks at for upcoming dates and times for Evil Dead the Musical at a theatre near you. 

Check out this promo with the memories of watching this show.