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Evil Dead the Musical

How I found out about Evil Dead the Musical

The Exterior of the diesel Playhouse, Taken on July 16, 2007
In May, 2007, I was watching Star Daily on A Channel and there was a sneak peek of Evil Dead the Musical.  Over the May long weekend, my friend Dave went with a date to Evil Dead at the Diesel Playhouse.  When I found out my friend went, I said to him, "Hey!, I want to see that in the Splatter Zone."  After a weekend in Hastings, Dave got me a ticket to Evil Dead the Musical in the Splatter Zone, for the 8:00 on May 21, 2007.  Dave gave me his credit card and I went to the box office to pick up the ticket because the ticket was under Dave's name.  When I went into the theatre, I was hyped to watch this musical and get covered with fake blood.

May, 21, 2007, 8:00 PM

My ticket was for Splatter Zone Section 1 A, Seat #5.  That is the fifth seat from Stage Right.  When the blood started to fly, I was hyped and watching it with A-W-E, and hoping to get hit.  When the Strobe Lights started flickering, I did not get hit and one of my neighbours sitting next to me said, "We did not get splatted and and that sucked."  After watching the show,  I wanted to see the show again in another section of the Splatter Zone.  I was hoping for the centre section.

June 4, 2007, 8:00 PM

On June, 4th, 2007, Dave got me another ticket to Evil Dead the Musical and I my seat number was Splatter Zone 3 A, Seat 12.  That seat was located stage left in the corner of the theatre.  During the show, I was keeping my eye on an empty seat located in the center of the theatre.  At intermission, I occupied that empty seat because it was vacent for the entire time.  When the blood started flying, I got covered and I loved it.  The seat that I moved into was Splatter Zone 2 A Seat #6 and it' located dead center stage.  That is the best Splatter Zone Seat in the house.

This is the result of my first splattering.  I got totally covered in blood and I loved it.  This picture was taken at the Evil Dead the Musical Photo Booth.  This photo booth is free and it e-mails the picture to you and you download it at home.

July 13, 2007, 8:00 PM
On Friday, July 13, 2007, I got a whole group of friends from OM to come and see Evil Dead the Musical again because it got extended into the summer.  This opened up more opportunity to get splattered and the obsession continued on.  Before the show, my friends met at Gretzky's Restaurant across the street from the theatre for drinks.  My friends booked the entire section of the Section 1 of the Splatter Zone, (Stage Right).  I got Splatter Zone 1 A 12 for the third viewing of Evil Dead the Musical.  This showing, I got sprayed by a blood cannon in the trap door after Charyel drags Good old Reliable Jake into the cellar.  Following Curtain Call, Matt Olmstead came over to me and spewed more blood onto my shirt.

July, 16, 8:00 PM

On Monday, July 16, 2007, Dave got me another ticket to Evil Dead the Musical.  I was excited to see the show again within a few days.  Dave gave me the credit card and I went to the Diesel Playhouse to pick up the ticket for the third time.  Dave got me my favorite seat in the house for the entire show.  This seat was Splatter Zone, 2 A, Seat 6.  When I sat in this seat for the second time, Charyl came up to me and said" You are gettin bloody!"  When The blood started flying, She got me.

After the show, this is the result of splattering.  It was worth sitting in that seat.

August, 18, 2007, 7:30 PM

I managed to get a group of my friends to come out to see Evil Dead the Musical again on August, 18 2007 for an evening show.  En-route to the show, I stopped at an underground Mc Donald's and than I met up with the gang at Gretzky's Restaurant for the second time and the patio was closed that evening.  We headed over to the theatre and got the tickets.  This time I was in Splatter Zone 2 B Seat 4.  That seat was located above Splatter Zone 2 A Seat 6, my favorite seat.

This was the Result of sitting in Splatter Zone 2 B, Seat 4.  I got some globs on my chest and some streaks dripping down.

September, 4, 2007, 8:00 PM

This was the sixth viewing of the show.  I got a pair of free tickets from a friend because he found out that I was promoting Evil Dead the Musical to Death at events through the summer.  This was the first free viewing of Evil Dead the Musical.  I was very excited that I got to see Evil Dead one more time before it closed on September 8, 2007.  My friend Hart knew someone who worked at the Diesel Playhouse and he told him what I was doing and the reward was a free ticket to Evil Dead the Musical.  For this viewing, I brought along my friend Irving to the show.  He arrived at the show late and he had to sit in the back until intermission.  I met Irving at Intermission and sat in my favorite seats in the Splatter Zone.  I got Splatter Zone 2 A Seat #6 for the third time.  When Charyl lunged towards me, I stared at her and than she totally splattered me with blood.  Some blood got into my mouth and it had a mint flavour to it.  I loved that moment.

These Pictures showed the result of sitting in Splatter Zone 2 A Seat 6 for the third time.  Both me and Irving got totally splattered.  After the show, both of us walked on Queen St. W covered in blood.

On September 7, 2007, Evil Dead left the stage and returned for February 14, 2008 for another run.

If you love Evil Dead the Musical, Keep your Ears to the Tracks at

www.evildeadthemusical.com/site/productions for a showing of your favorite musical near you.

Keep your Ears to the Tracks

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